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The meaning of surrender

GUEST POST: Swami Muktibodhananda As a yoga student becomes more engrossed in the theory and philosophy of yoga the subject of ‘surrender’ arises. I personally began my yoga journey in 1972 and have since found that this aspect needs clarification in order for the process to unfold naturally and spontaneously. Surrender is what happens naturally … Continue reading The meaning of surrender
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Yoga Australia Pop Up Studio – What’s It All About?

The pop up is a new Yoga Australia membership benefit we are trialing. It is designed to support our members who have recently completed their teacher training and looking to gain confidence in their teaching in a safe and supportive environment. The transition from completing a teacher training as a student and becoming a teacher … Continue reading Yoga Australia Pop Up Studio – What’s It All About?
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Seasonal Yoga

GUEST POST: Emma Janetzki Which ‘season’ of life do you currently resonate with? What about your yoga students? You may mainly work with those whose current stage of life is predominately spring, summer, autumn or winter. During the season of winter, we can take our cues from nature: leaves and other matter which has decayed, is … Continue reading Seasonal Yoga
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Eating Your Way to Zen

GUEST POST: Jo Power About 90% of your body’s serotonin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract. Is this mood-regulating biochemical the key to happiness or a simplified theory that sidesteps the complex psychology of food association? Jo Power enlists the help of Dr. Jaroslav Boublik to explore the link between diet and peace of mind. … Continue reading Eating Your Way to Zen
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What is restorative aerial yoga?

GUEST POST: Niki Isaacson Restorative aerial yoga makes you feel good, but what is it? Aerial yoga encourages traction and decompression of the spine by various inversion and suspension poses through a holistic traditional yoga framework. Restorative yoga aims to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation through the aid of props. Restorative aerial yoga utilises the … Continue reading What is restorative aerial yoga?
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Getting Connected – The Heart of Yoga

GUEST POST: Lucilla Hammond I came from the heart of the city to living in the country. With no ties or connection to the area, not a friend to my name, I hadn’t even thought of teaching Yoga at this point. This type of tree change was both rewarding and challenging. I’d had a life … Continue reading Getting Connected – The Heart of Yoga
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Couple of female friends in their forties connecting and staying healthy by practicing yoga in nature

There will be diversity – and the revolution will not be televised

GUEST POST: Sarah de Graaff I remember being highly disappointed at school that I was restricted to hanging out with people EXACTLY (pretty much) the same age as me. I wanted to meet and talk to old people, twenty something’s, kids and everyone in between. I genuinely felt I could learn more about life and the … Continue reading There will be diversity – and the revolution will not be televised
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Yoga “porn” – beyond the ass in asana

One of my yoga teachers once said, “ We don’t do yoga to get a good ass, we do it to get our head OUT of our ass”. Although I am guilty of posting pictures of myself on social media in various yoga poses, this for me is true. So if the journey of yoga … Continue reading Yoga “porn” – beyond the ass in asana
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The Yoga Foundation Partnership

Working together to transform lives, one breathe at a time

We are excited and pleased to announce that Yoga Australia and Yoga Foundation are aligning focus, efforts and resources to support the valuable work of this Australian registered and run charity. The Yoga Foundation provides evidence-based yoga programs to people experiencing disadvantage, living with mental illness, anxiety and depression, and who are unable to access … Continue reading Working together to transform lives, one breathe at a time
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Essential oils to support your body, mind and soul through Autumn

  GUEST POST: Erin Halcroft One of the joys of autumn is delighting in the magical colours that abound as the leaves change into beautiful hues of gold, orange, red and brown. As the leaves start to fall and crackle under foot, the days become shorter, the mornings a little crisper and the wind starts to … Continue reading Essential oils to support your body, mind and soul through Autumn
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