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Post-Grad Training Courses

Post-Grad Training Courses



18 Sep 2016

30 Aug 2017


9am - 5pm



Cost for 8 sessions $3295 if paid in full by Sept 1st $3000 or Guild Members $3250, Payment plans available



TRANSFORMING TRAUMA Maintaining the Transformative Edge In Your Teaching  2016-2017 with Lynn Romeo

Do you sometimes feel you need more insight to help cope with your students trauma?


  • As Gita Teachers we are blessed to have the tools to help release and heal.  Join us for this 8 session in - depth exploration of how we can better help our students.  CPD points available.
  • Hear how the Gita approach reaches stored trauma.
  • Practise techniques for changing the inner environment
  • Review the power of PRANAYAMA and PYR to clear the blockages
  • PROTECT YOURSELF FROM OTHER PEOPLE’S “STUFF”Gain insight into the positive side of Challenge and Change
  • Access the latest research on yoga and its power to heal trauma

• As teachers we are using Yoga to refine our balance in these turbulent times and we know how
nurturing it is to focus and reflect together from time to time.

• Our students are drawn to us because, at some level, they perceive we have answers for all that is
bubbling to the surface in their lives, families, work, selves and in the world that seems to be
crumbling around them.  This Course will affirm the solutions you have within you and your teaching.

• Human Service professionals and services (in all areas including health, education, mental health, criminal/justice, youth, migrant, family support) have a growing focus on ‘trauma’ and ‘mindfulness’ and are seeing that Yoga has tried and proven approaches that really work.  Now is the time for us to come together as a cohesive group.

This Course, offered over 8 full Sunday sessions, through a mixture of Yoga practice, information/
discussion, reflection and practical exploration, will:

• Enhance our mutual wisdom and support as we ride the transformative waves that the apocalyptic turbulence can be shaped into.

• Expand our understanding of the deep effects of trauma and stress on humanity and the research that is showing how Yoga, quite naturally, puts us on a path towards wholeness (healing).

• Affirm our teaching, our own practice and our conviction that we have, in Yoga and especially Gita Yoga, a most powerful and yet safe package to offer the world.

• Extend bridges from our Yoga community to Human Service workers
Already, one psychologist has asked for a list of teachers who do the Course so she can refer people to teachers who can be trusted to understand.

REGISTRATION – When you register your interest with Gita Reception you will receive a form to complete and send to Lynn. You will then receive more detailed information about the Course and how to prepare for it.

BACKGROUND - This Course has grown out of many years of
teaching, study and experience and is an extensive expansion of the work initiated by the ‘Transformative Power of Yoga’ and ‘Making Whole with Yoga’ workshops. People who attended those workshops had the
following to say:
“Amazing how enjoyable such a challenging topic can be”,
“Affirmation that I don’t have to ‘fix’ my students, they have the answers within them”,
“Empowering to know how much the research is reinforcing what we ‘know’ from a yogic perspective”
“Now I have confidence with how to ‘be’ around trauma”


Lynn Romeo ( straddles mainstream, alternative, professional and creative realms.  She worked for many years with people with disabilities and families, as a Social Worker and teacher of residential/support workers.  Lynn then found the balance that yoga brings so inspiring, she could not help but become a Yoga teacher. She has taught in the Gita Yoga tradition for 25 years, writes from the furnace of family life and, in recent years, has been liberated by the renewed focus, world-wide, on the healing of trauma through yoga.  Lynn draws on the support of yoga teaching and ‘trauma-informed’ colleagues and  studies in Trauma Sensitive Yoga with the Trauma Centre in Boston, directed by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk (Prof of Psychiatry, Boston University, pioneer in the field of trauma since the 1970s).






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