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Yoga Today is a newsletter that brings you the latest news, articles and discussions from across the yoga industry. You’ll uncover new stories, insights, research articles, resources and more from yoga practitioners, teachers and therapists across Australia.

Heart Brain Connection Yoga Australia Celia roberts

HRV Research and the Heart-Brain Connection

An intriguing link to the scientific realm has emerged in the world of yoga and medicine, where mind and body intertwine to create an integrated sense of well-being.

CPD Reform and Relaunch

At Yoga Australia, we’re committed to facilitating a spectrum of CPD options that cater to diverse needs and aspirations. We’ve recently made some changes to our CPD program, which we are pleased to present here.

New Curriculum: Becoming a Yoga Professional

Yoga Australia has released a brand new curriculum, covering all levels of industry membership, right up to 1000 hours of training and practice experience.

Earning an Income as a Yoga Teacher

As a self-regulated industry, pay and pricing for yoga teachers has typically been left to individuals to negotiate. Many people feel unclear and uncertain about how much to charge or pay.

Resources for teachers

Learn, create and expand your potential with online short courses and resources for teaching, building your yoga business, marketing your offerings, engaging your students and more.

Become a member

We’re here to support your yoga journey, every step of the way. Enjoy all the benefits, perks & partner discounts, resources, ongoing professional development, events, on-demand video library, dedicated support, and more included in your new membership.

Yoga Enthusiast


A Yoga Enthusiast is someone passionate about yoga but not currently earning an income from teaching.

Yoga Teacher-in-training


Ideal for someone currently undertaking a TT course. Free for anyone doing a Yoga Australia registered course.

Yoga Teacher

From $133/year

We welcome all Yoga Teachers at any level of experience who are keen to develop themselves and support the profession.

Yoga Therapist

$33/year (add-on)

For existing members who have taken an approved Yoga Therapist Course to work within this specialised space. This adds onto your teaching membership.

Featured events and workshops

Explore the latest events, workshops and offerings from Yoga Australia and our member community.

Adelaide Mini Conference

With Noah McKenna, Tina Shettigara, Julie Gargano, Vani Shukla

Canberra Mini Conference

With Vijay Aurora, Alan Goode, Ruth Gent, and Josh Pryor

Perth Mini Conference

With Chandrika Gibson, Valerie Fimat-Faneco, Charley Hickey & Dr Jean Byrne

Tasmania Yoga Event

Tasmanian Yoga Teachers Connect

Celebrate the Full Moon with Tasmanian Yoga Instructors – A Unique Networking Event!

Thanks for all that Yoga Australia do to ensure a high quality of education for new trainings, and for being a collective voice for the industry. Keep up the great work!


What is yoga?

With its roots firmly grounded in ancient eastern teachings, Yoga is recognised as a traditional system of wisdom, principles and practices derived from the Vedic teachings of India.

Yoga takes a holistic approach to the integrated and innate wisdom of the human mind-body connection, with modern science nowadays beginning to uncover and fortify these ancient teachings and the many benefits this practice holds for your biological, psychological and sociological well-being. 

Ultimately, yoga is a tool that may be used for self-discovery, stress-management, physical health & fitness, and mental & emotional wellbeing. 

Yoga Australia is the peak national body for registration and representation of Yoga professionals from all traditions and styles of yoga, independent from any one lineage or training provider.

As the peak body for yoga in Australia, we actively advocate for positive change and improvement within the profession. This includes engaging with government and the health industry, lobbying for better pay and conditions for yoga teachers, promoting a broader understanding of yoga’s benefits for health and well-being, conducting industry forums, and collaborating with stakeholders both within and outside the yoga community.

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