Course Registration Guidelines

Requirements for registering your course with Yoga Australia


Conditions of Registration  

Senior Yoga Australia members (Level 3), and other training providers that engage a senior Yoga Australia member as the principal trainer, may apply to Yoga Australia for registration of their teacher training course, providing the course meets the requirements for acceptance of its graduates as Full (Level 1) members of Yoga Australia. Senior teachers or training providers whose 350+ hour teacher training course is registered by Yoga Australia may also apply for registration of a preliminary 200-hour teacher training course, which will provide Provisional Yoga Australia membership for graduates. 

Registering a 350+hr Teacher Training Course

Successful course registration requires substantial supporting documentation, including: 

> A detailed course outline specifying the topics covered and the hours allocated to each topic. 

> An explanation of how these topics/hours match up to the Yoga Australia Teacher Training Course registration curriculum areas/hours. 

> How students will be assessed in each area of learning. 

> Details of the qualifications and experience of all teaching staff. 

> Policy documents including – 

  • Teacher Trainee and Teacher Trainer Code of Conduct Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Deferment of Course Policy
  • Expulsion Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Prepaid Fees Policy
  • Course Cancellation Policy
  • Teacher Trainee Agreement Policy. 

> Any other information which may be required to satisfy Yoga Australia that your training course meets its requirements and is of a high standard. 

You can find more information about registering a 350+hr course here

Registering a 200hr Teacher Training Course

Yoga Australia will consider registering your 200hr course on the following conditions: 

> the 200hr course meets the minimum requirements of Provisional membership in each of the Yoga Australia curriculum areas. 

> the 200hr course articulates into the 350hr or longer course, allowing your teacher trainees to achieve 350hrs of training within the 3 years of the Provisional membership period. 

> you provide all the necessary mentoring and support to ensure that your teacher trainees receive at least 12 months of teacher training under supervision. 

> in every other respect your 200hr course meets Yoga Australia Provisional membership requirements and is of a high standard.  

You can find more information about registering a 200hr course here. 

Registering a Post Graduate 150hr Teacher Training Course

The following are the Yoga Australia Guidelines for ‘Further Education for Yoga Teachers’ to further develop their knowledge and skills. Further education that meets these guidelines will provide all the required training for a yoga teacher to progress from a 200hr qualification (such as Yoga Australia Provisional Membership) to Yoga Australia Level 1 registered teacher (350hr) status, or from a Yoga Australia Level 1 (350hr) to a Yoga Australia Level 2 – Intermediate (500hr) registered teacher status. 

 Yoga Australia will consider registering your Further Education for Yoga Teachers course on the following conditions: 
> The principal trainer for the course, must be a Level 3 Senior Yoga Australia member, unless otherwise approved by Yoga Australia (via application for special consideration.) More details can be found here.

> The course will have stated learning objectives and assessment procedures to determine whether participants have understood the course material.

Registering a Yoga Therapy Training Course

Yoga Australia’s educational standards for the training of yoga therapists are the benchmark for yoga therapy education in Australia and New Zealand. These standards represent the foundational requirements for a program to become accredited to deliver training of an appropriate quality.

Yoga Australia’s educational standards for the training of yoga therapists provide an important pillar for the growth and maturing of the field of yoga therapy in Australia and New Zealand and are aimed at:

> Supporting the professional and vocational development of yoga therapists.

> Establishing yoga therapy as a credible and valued modality within the broader field of integrative healthcare.

> Providing clear guidelines and parameters for schools wishing to deliver credible yoga therapy training.

> Provide a well-recognised and respected accreditation framework and process for yoga therapy education.

> Provide career path guidelines for yoga teachers wishing to further develop their skill and knowledge in the area of yoga therapy.

Further, the standards:

> Emphasise the importance of yoga as the ancient tradition in which yoga therapy is rooted and from which its innumerable healing applications have sprung.

> Acknowledge the hours necessary to teach the competencies as a therapeutic discipline but also the time needed for students to integrate the depth and breadth of the teachings as a personal lifestyle and practice.

> Recognise that to serve the clients of yoga therapy, yoga therapists must be grounded in the foundations of anatomy, basic physiology, and the common terminology of modern healthcare

> Acknowledge that yoga therapists are in the relationship with related healthcare professions and the business world more broadly.

These Standards recognise that it is the prerogative of each school to teach from its own unique perspective, and have allowed for flexibility regarding which tools to emphasise within and beyond the required knowledge of certain subjects.

Yoga Australia acknowledges and thanks to the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) for its educational standards, upon which some of these standards are based.

While these standards relate to the accrediting of training programs, the credentialing of individual yoga therapists is also related to these standards. Yoga Australia has separately published guidelines and application processes for registration as a yoga therapist.

These standards have five parts, providing the necessary details for the accreditation of programs.

To ensure that students undertaking a Yoga Australia Registered Yoga Therapy Training Program has a solid foundation in the principles and practices of yoga and appropriate qualifications in yoga teaching, the following minimum prerequisite admission requirements must be met, prior to enrolment in the yoga therapy program.

It is the responsibility of the school delivering the yoga therapy program, to ensure these requirements are met and to provide evidence to this effect when applying for accreditation.



1. Yoga teacher training

Minimum –  Yoga Australia Level 1 (350hr) Registered Yoga Teacher or equivalent.

2. Teaching experience

Minimum of 2 years and at least 300 hours regular yoga teaching, up to 1 year or up to 150 hours of which may be concurrent with Yoga Therapy training.

3. Personal practice

Minimum 2 years of regular practice.

4. First aid

Current First Aid certificate as required for all Yoga Australia registered yoga teachers.

Registering an Approved Professional Development (APD) Course

APD courses are designed to fulfil the professional development requirements of yoga teachers and therapists. Yoga Australia requires registered members to complete Continuing Professional Development to maintain their registration. Teachers are required to complete 12 points per year and Therapists are required to complete 24 points every three years. A variety of professional development courses are now available for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists. In response to this, Yoga Australia offers APD registration to ensure that members can access quality professional development training.

Registration of Approved Professional Development courses is available to all Registered Senior Teachers and Level 2 Registered Teachers who have a Registered Senior Teacher as a mentor.

APD courses must be renewed every year. APD courses must comply with existing Yoga Australia Policies.

General guidelines for Yoga Teaching APD registration are as follows:

>Yoga Teaching APD is intended for already qualified Yoga Teachers to further develop their knowledge and skills as Yoga Teachers

>Course participants must have a minimum prerequisite of 200hrs of Yoga Teacher Training (evidence to be collected by a Teacher Training Certificate)

The faculty delivering the APD course must include a senior Level 3 Yoga Australia member OR a Level 2 Yoga Australia member (who has training and certification in the field in which they teach and/or a minimum of 3 years practical experience). Level 2 members must be under the supervision of a Level 3 member. For APD courses that are run continuously throughout the year (i.e once every month), supervision must include a minimum of 2 hours of contact per month. For APD that is delivered sporadically (eg. once a term), supervision must include a minimum of 2 hours in the lead up to the course. Typically, supervision would involve discussion about the content of the course, the structure of delivery, teaching resources and assessment methods. Evidence of supervision may include an email confirmation of the appointment, minutes of the discussion (eg dot points of discussion outlined in an email); and sighted documents (eg. course outlines, lesson plans and assessments) including a signature, date of sighting and changes made. Evidence must be kept on file for Yoga Australia to access when required (eg. during Audit, Grievance or Registration).

If there is to be any change in senior teaching personnel, the faculty must contact Yoga Australia and request approval for the change before the course is to be next delivered.

Yoga Australia Guidelines for Yoga Therapy APD

Yoga Therapy APD is intended for already qualified Yoga Therapists to further develop their knowledge and skills as Yoga Therapists

Course participants must have a Yoga Therapy qualification (evidence to be collected by a Yoga Therapy Certificate).

The faculty delivering the APD course must have well-established expertise and experience in the course or program area(s) they teach, including training and certification in the field in which they teach and a minimum of 3 years practical experience. At least one faculty member must be a Yoga Australia Therapist and it is recommended that faculty who teach yoga/yoga therapy subjects are Yoga Australia Registered Yoga Teachers.

It is strongly recommended that at least one faculty member has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE) qualification or above.

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