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Travelling for business or leisure? TravelCard has you covered with hassle-free insurance


Why Yoga Australia & TravelCard partnered for our members?

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About TravelCard

We love helping people who travel, that is why we had the idea of creating “Real-Time Travel Insurance”.

Our purpose
is to enrich the travel experience of Australians, by providing peace of mind through the delivery of real-time solutions.

Our philosophy 
is to assume the best in everyone and that all our customers
are trustworthy.

Our Vision 
is to constantly redefine the best level of care to traveling Australians.

Our Goals 
are to constantly strive to deliver:
A) Market Leading Benefits across all our Travel Insurance Products
B) Real-Time claims approval & payment, while you’re still traveling
C) A customer experience you will be pleased to tell your colleagues, friends, and family.

We have a customer call center for sales & support located
right here in Australia.

Global Network 
TCA Insurance Services Pty Ltd is part of PassportCard Ltd, a UK based company with well over 1 million travel insurance cardholders worldwide.

PassportCard is a White Mountains Insurance Group (NYSE: WTM) and DavidShield company.

We’re excited to partner with the Australian insurer, The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, to bring our products to the Australian market.

Everything you need to know about TravelCard Real-Time Travel Insurance

Traveling for business or leisure? TravelCard has you covered with hassle-free insurance if things don’t go to plan. No out-of-pocket expenses. Avoid mountains of paperwork. And no waiting around to claim.

TravelCard: Cover and claim in 3 simple steps


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TCA Insurance Services Pty Ltd (TCA) ABN 76 621 476 220 is an authorised representative (AR 1262773) of the Insurer, The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (Hollard) ABN 78 090 584 473 (AFSL 241436). Catriona Rowntree has been appointed as Authorised Representative (No 1262872) of Hollard through an arrangement with TCA. Any advice provided by TCA or Catriona Rowntree in relation to the TravelCard Real Time Insurance products and the TravelCard is general advice only. Please consider the Combined Financial Services Guide & Product Disclosure Statement and the TravelCard Terms & Conditions (available at before deciding whether they are suitable for you.





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