Appendix 1: Yoga Australia Supervision of Teacher Trainer Guidelines 


Yoga Australia represents quality training and assessment. Only courses which meet Yoga Australia’s standards are granted Yoga Australia registration. 

To register a training course with Yoga Australia the faculty must include a senior Level 3 Yoga Australia member (principal trainer). Any other teachers involved in the delivery of the course must be suitably qualified and experienced for the topics they teach and must be effectively under the supervision of you, the principal trainer. 

These Guidelines are designed to assist yoga training schools in ensuring that they are delivering a quality training course that aligns with Yoga Australia standards with relation to the following Conditions of Registration: 

• Principal Trainer – must be a Level 3 Senior Yoga Australia member 

• Supervision of Teacher Trainers – The training provider must take responsibility for any of the teachers/training personnel involved in the delivery of the course, and for the overall training standard of the course. Teachers must be suitably qualified and experienced in the topics they teach and must be effectively under your supervision

Supervision of Teacher Trainers Guidelines 

To demonstrate teachers are appropriately supervised, maintain suitable supervision records. For programs that are run continuously throughout the year (i.e., once every month), supervision must include a minimum of 1 hour per month. For programs that are delivered as sporadically (e.g., once a term), supervision must include a minimum of 2 hours in the lead up to a course. Typically, supervision would involve discussion about or review of the content of the course, structure of delivery, teaching resources and assessment methods. 

Evidence of supervision may include email confirmation of the appointment; minutes of the discussion (e.g., dot points of discussion outlined in an email); and sighted documents (e.g., course outlines, lesson plans and assessments) including a signature (handwritten or email), date of sighting and changes made. See below for an example of how evidence of supervision may be recorded. Evidence must be kept on file for Yoga Australia to access when required (e.g., during audit, re-registration or grievance investigation).

Supervision Records
Name of Student 
Name of Supervisor 
Meeting Number 1
DiscussionInclude the topic of discussion and what was discussed, for example: • Course Content • Resources
• Training
• Assessment • Students 
ActionsDetail any actions that arose from the meeting. 
Student Signature 
Supervisor Signature