Becoming a Yoga Professional: Our New Curriculum

Yoga has become a key component of the health and well-being of Australians, and for nearly 25 years Yoga Australia has been the leader in setting professional standards for teacher training and continuing education.

This year Yoga Australia released a brand new curriculum, covering all levels of membership with Yoga Australia, from 200 hours right up to 1000 hours of training (each matched with hours of teaching and practice experience).

Called Becoming a Yoga Professional, our new curriculum has been designed to assist training providers to achieve high level outcomes for their students, and to demonstrate to governments and health providers that the profession of yoga safely and ethically supports participants. 

While we acknowledge and focus our support on the prevalent styles of yoga in 21st Century Australia (those that centre around asana and hatha techniques), this document also creates a framework for recognition and development of the broader scope of yoga.

The curriculum uses modern educational terms so that external readers can audit the document. It contains key words like instruct, teach, class, practice, and training providers are free to interpret these words broadly as their lineage or modalities require.  Schools that teach seated practice, cultural practice, meditation, and enigmatic pursuits rooted in the traditions of the Upanishads can develop a qualification under this model.