1800 hours Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training


This is a comprehensive course in the heart and science of Yoga that will take your teaching career to the next level. It provides the opportunity to deepen the wholesomeness and efficacy in your Yoga practice for life, and expand your services to your yoga students and in the community.


– Course materials, which consist of comprehensive notes, workbooks, online material

– Tuition and training. Face to face, in person or online project-based training that is nationally recognised by the Australian government, and available for 3-year International Student visas. Mat practice is necessary and the honour system applies. If you are local and would like to do your mat practice at a Shanti Yoga Centre (www.shantiyoga.com.au), please enquire about attendance.

– Retreats inclusive of twin-share accommodation, meals, and program. Residential weekend retreats at our dedicated eco-retreat sanctuary are living Yoga and Ayurveda. www.nirvanawellbeingretreat.com)

– Student card

– Discount for payment in full, or Payment plan consisting of Deposit and monthly repayments.

– Assessment

– Qualification


Self Mastery 1,2,3. Ethical living. Understanding the Self-organised universe. What building a high-performance life really means in Yoga.

Health: Western and Yogic anatomy and physiology. Ayurveda, the science of life. Basic principles. Body types. Dietary and lifestyle guidelines. Cook, Taste, Heal: Learn to cook vegetarian food that is delicious and wholesome for life, energy, and healing.

Relationship: 1,2,3. Origins and History. Karma and Dharma. The Peaceful Warrior. Conflict understanding and resolution. The Eight Limbs. The Major Yoga Streams.

Asana. Signature Shanti Yoga for your mind-body type (prakruti). Facilitating yoga from the ground up, for youth, children’s yoga, yoga for pregnancy, yoga for special needs, chair yoga, hatha yoga, empowering aging, healthy back facilitator training, postural adjustment, and correction. therapeutic stretching.

Pranayama 1,2,3. The Breath in Yoga. Breath control. Cosmic Perspectives. Mantra, Mudra, Bandhas, Prana, Chakras, Nadis, Kundalini, Koshas.

Deep Relaxation 1,2,3. The art of slowing down to create meaning, passion, and purpose. Yoga Nidra facilitator training. Psychic sleep and dream.

Concentration 1,2,3. Concentration and Study Skills. Focus, boundaries and targeting success. Building resilience.

Meditation 1,2,3. The mind and its control. Yoga and Ayurveda for Mental Health. Mindfulness training, Vipassana Meditation, Yoga Meditation, dhyana

Mindful Leadership 1,2,3. Presence. Communication. Change and Innovation. Emotional intelligence and wellbeing. Teaching skills

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1000hr Teacher Training courses
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