350 Hour Sacred Moves Yoga Teacher Training


For curious practitioners ready to embody the heart and soul of yogic wisdom.  Whether you’d like to dive deeper into the practice to feel more confident and connected, or you feel the call to share with others as a teacher, this is for you.

Join us this April 2024 on the Sunshine Coast for a fun, comprehensive and insightful yoga teacher training.

The Practice

Our practice is an exploration of traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga with a modern understanding of both physical and metaphysical transformation.  The practice is about going back to the source of teachings through the guidence of sacred texts including study, chanting, through self enquiry and going inward.  This training will help you establish a daily self practice that includes asana (physical practice), pranayama, chanting and meditation.

We focus on foundations and practicing for longevity and vitality.  Each session of the course is designed to help you build healthy habits and to establish strength and deepen self awareness through study and reflection.

The practice is designed to help you step towards embodiment, where you not only understand the poses and methods of practice, but live them.  More than a routine on the mat, this course is about developing a healthy and conscious  lifestyle and how to discover your most authentic self.

We believe each person has unique gifts to share and part of the process not only in the teaching method, but also practice, is creating a safe space for you to express yourself authentically and powerfully.

What You’ll Learn

  • Traditional yogic practices including Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and breath informed hatha yoga
  • How to access compassion and intelligence in your daily practice to adjust to life’s rhythms
  • Beginner meditation techniques
  • Introduction to pranayama (yogic breathwork)
  • Yoga philsophy and history
  • Introduction to Yin Yoga
  • How to articulate clear, direct and intelligent cues
  • How to teach yoga with safety and flexiblity to accommodate diversity
  • How to teach classes to suit all levels of age and ability
  • How to develop intelligent and balanced yoga sequences
  • Verbal and Hands on assisting
  • Anatomy and physiology of yoga
  • Teaching skills, voice, connection and space holding
  • How to teach from an authentic and embodied place
  • Introduction to the buisness of yoga
Module One:  Yoga Essentials Immersion

April 27, 28  / May11, 12 / May 25, 26  

Saturdays 10 am – 4 pm / Sundays 7:30 am – 3 pm

Module Two:  Art of Vinyasa

June  9, 10 / June  22, 23 / July 6, 7 

Saturdays 10 am – 4 pm / Sundays 7:30 am – 3 pm

Module Three:  Integration & Insight

July 20, 21 / Aug 3, 4 / Aug 17, 18

Saturdays 10 am – 4 pm / Sundays 7:30 am – 3 pm

Graduation Ceremony TBA

Course Category
350hr Teacher Training courses
Delivery Mode
In-person at School