350 Hours Personalised BioMedical Yoga


Delivered online anytime and face to face or live streamed. Live streamed attendance is offered at the same cost as face to face.

350YTT Personalised BioMedical Yoga

Yoga Australia Approved training course

Vocational Enrichment Programme: Biomedical Informed for Personalised Yoga
Yoga Australia Full member (Registered Level 1 Teacher)
Taking applications throughout the year


This program is designed to be completed over a 12 to 18-month time frame, giving you the basics in 200hr Yoga as Lifestyle Medicine program plus 150hr upgrade to personalised Biomedical yoga. Upon completion of this program you will become a professionally recognised teacher through Yoga Australia. You will acquire the skills to integrate yoga and meditation into your daily life and the lives of others. This course will provide an accurate understanding of the science and deep experience of the transcendental state of yoga.

BIYOME’s 350hr Yoga Teacher Training programme will enable you an adept understanding of the holistic being which aims to embed the capacity for you to tailor a practice to suit the individual needs of your clientele. You will gain a level of knowledge that assists you in the capacity to conceptualise the body deeply – offering your students a diverse and personalised experience of the practice, as opposed to just delivering a class.

What you will walk away with

Upon completion of this 350hr Yoga Teacher Training, you will have the skills to teach a rich and informative, highly educated session to a wide variety of individuals with a range of different therapeutic needs. Our courses provide you with vast and rich information in order for you to understand and deliver your teachings with confidence, convey the latest biomedical research in the field to students, offer appropriate alignment cues, give touch adjustments, and teach yoga postures aided by props designed to assist with neurological feedback. With intention and discipline, you will become confident in developing heightened proprioceptive awareness in your students and give them a suitable level of control over breath, mind and body.

As a BIYOME teacher you will be able to cultivate the experience of meditation through yoga asana, harness the psychological state of flow in your classroom and offer your students the ultimate transcendental experience, described for millennia through the science of yoga.

This course qualifies you as a Level 1 Yoga Teacher and able to obtain insurance to teach yoga worldwide. You will also qualify to upgrade with post graduate specialities. This course also qualifies you for full Yoga Australia membership.

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350hr Teacher Training courses
The BioMedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation (BIYOME)
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Upper Brookfield Yoga Studio
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166 Pacey Rd, Upper Brookfield QLD 4069