500 hour Advanced Diploma in BioMedical Yoga, Meditation, & Lifestyle Medicine


This program is life-changing.

Expect these educational years to be up there with some of the best years of your life! Transformative, educational, enriching, and all about an absolute lifestyle change for the better. This is a complete Yoga, Meditation & Integrative Lifestyle Medicine qualification.

Designed to be completed over an 18 to 24-month time frame, this course is intended, and with your dedication, will give you the best training options for your future and personal lifestyle. The BIYOME 500 hour complete integrative Lifestyle Medicine training programme delivers immersive “present moment awareness” education transforming personal and collective consciousness. This training provides quality experiences that allow you to become truly mindful: in your work & livelihood; within your relationships; within your body & mind; this creating a life of deep sensate experience bringing resilience, meaning, joy, compassion, and hope.

Through this course, by cultivating internal change, you will cultivate the beginnings of compassionate change within the lives of many.

Training is conducted in a retreat setting, a 24-acre sanctuary designed to restore, rejuvenate, and regenerate body and mind.

Principal training provider is Celia Roberts.

Course Category
500hr Teacher Training courses
The BioMedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation (BIYOME)
Delivery Mode
In-person at School
The BioMedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation (BIYOME)
Venue Address
166 Pacey Rd, Upper Brookfield QLD 4069