500 hour Hatha Yoga Method Teacher Training

11 monthly weekend  workshops over 1 year • 5 day Residential Ashram Retreat • 30hrs Online Dynamic Anatomy • 6 live Dynamic Anatomy workshops •  Wednesday eve student classes • Collaborate on a Public Event • Home Practices and Study • Free 12 month Kookaburra Yoga membership • Huge volume of original written, video and audio resources to keep forever • the most incredible journey of personal transformation!

Welcome to the Hatha Yoga Method! World-class, comprehensive 12 month Yoga and Meditation teacher training registered with Yoga Australia at 500 hours here in Perth at beautiful Kookaburra Creek and online. An opportunity to transform your personal and professional life drawing on the wisdom traditions of yoga combined with modern expertise.

Now, more than ever, the world needs yoga and meditation teachers and community leaders with the knowledge, skills and life experience to guide others to be peaceful, calm, grounded, resilient and wise. These qualities come about through this rich, immersive and comprehensive program which provides yogic frameworks and methods to help you become empowered to support and inspire others.

This Yoga and Meditation training program is for anyone with some experience of yoga ready for one of the most expansive and transformational educations in traditional yoga in Australia. The program is structured to help each and every participant recognise and overcome the obstacles to success and fulfilment, and to connect with a real sense of purpose and empowerment.

The program was developed and is facilitated by Mandy Becker-Knox and Robert Becker, founders of the Hatha Yoga Method and Directors of Kookaburra Yoga in the Perth hills who have decades experience as yoga teachers, authentic practitioners and life-long students forever exploring, learning and sharing.

The Haṭha Yoga Method 500hr teacher training is both in-person and online. All sessions are live-streamed and the entire program and resources are accessible from our online learning platform.


The Haṭha Yoga Method is a profound integration of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and yogic living. It is the synthesis of a combined 60 years yogic study, practice and teaching experience developed by Kookaburra Yoga founders and directors Mandy BeckerKnox and Robert Becker who have enduring links with modern yogic masters and mystics.

The Hatha Yoga Method combines the best of the wisdom traditions of yoga with modern mindfulness, neuroscience, yogic psychology, Ayurveda, connection to nature, and traditional and modern approaches to asana biomechanics and movement. Combined, this is powerfully transformative and healing on every level, and translates into accessible and uplifting classes you’ll be empowered to teach and share.

This 12 month program is registered with Yoga Australia at 500 hours, and is designed to take you on an educational and experiential journey through the yogic traditions from ancient to modern-day.  The training takes place at Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre in the Perth hills, Western Australia and is led by Mandy BeckerKnox and Robert Becker. The centre is beautiful and spacious in the heart of nature. Surrounded by trees and extensive food gardens you’ll be introduced to a yogic way of life, living and learning harmoniously, close to nature.

There is the option to attend all or part of the program online as all sessions are live-streamed, recorded and available online for the duration of the course. You’ll connect with your peers and community through our integrated zoom sessions and in our online community forum. For those who live outside of Perth there is the option to stay with us onsite during any/all of the modules for a small additional fee.

Over 12 months there are 11 weekend workshops, a 5 day residential ashram retreat, weekly online studio/zoom classes (led by lead trainers & students), online workshops in Dynamic Anatomy; self-study comprised of reading and written assignments to complete at home; a private mentoring sessions prior to your teaching practicum to ensure you are empowered and equipped to teach, and a mentoring session for your personal and professional development. There are 500+ hours of training and study, including 350 contact hours and 150 non-contact hours comprised of self-study, assignments and home practice.

By incorporating traditional, esoteric and practical, modern approaches you’ll learn to become a well-rounded, joyful practitioner of yoga and meditation, a master of your mind and emotions, and to teach and share with a diverse audience with integrity, intelligence and ease. Regardless of the ‘style’ of yoga you come to teach, your classes will be grounded in an ancient, enduring and embodied wisdom.

On completion of this course you’ll be well versed in the wisdom traditions of yoga, and an adept practitioner of asana, meditation, mantra and pranayama. You’ll graduate from this training an assured, confident teacher capable of supporting and inspiring others, with a supportive community of like-minded students and teachers who share the journey with you. You’ll graduate with the knowledge, confidence, resources, practical skills and authorisation to teach yoga and meditation, and develop your own unique style of delivery to teach classes to students in your own community.


  • study locally and directly with senior teachers with a combined 60+ years experience.
  • 500 hours of learning, most of which is with your senior teachers over 12 months.
  • Flexible learning – in-studio, live online, or a blend of both.
  • Peaceful learning environment – a stunning studio in natural bush setting in the Perth hills.
  • Broaden your knowledge and skillset, and practically integrate the teachings into your own practice.
  • Connect with a community of sincere yoga practitioners and teachers.

Free Kookaburra Yoga membership for one year – entitling you to attend studio classes and programs at no charge (value $1870)

Structure of Program

  • 11 monthly weekend workshops supported by online learning platform.
  • Remote Learning. Everything is live-streamed and recorded for those who can’t attend in person due to distance, illness.
  • A 5 night retreat at Kookaburra Creek comprised of Modules 8 and 9. The retreat is your opportunity to experience the joy of living and learning in sangha (community), experiencing a yogic lifestyle, daily routine and diet similar to a traditional ashram.
  • 30 hours of dynamic anatomy training online with Australia’s best yoga anatomy trainer Jean Campbell.
  • 6 x 2 hour live, online, interactive applied dynamic anatomy workshops with Jean.
  • Live teaching experience. Weekly Wednesday evening student-led supervised classes delivered in-studio at Kookaburra Creek, and live-streamed.
  • Personal Mentoring to help you with development of your class practicum
  • Collaborate on a major event. Your final review includes teaching at a public event you can invite your family and friends to.
  • Personalised business / professional development mentoring to vision, overcome obstacles, realise your potential and manifest your dreams.

What you gain

• Real skills Practical skills and knowledge for your own personal development to positively transform your inner and outer world and to draw upon throughout your life.

• Wisdom An embodied and applied understanding of the full spectrum of yoga practices: asana, pranayama, meditation, mantras and more.

• Confidence Firm foundation of knowledge and skills to confidently teach and share yoga and meditation to people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

• Leadership The natural authority and leadership which comes from an in-depth education and applied, lived experience.

• Sensitivity learntrauma-sensitive teaching and communication skills

• Support The resources and support to immediately teach the Hatha Yoga Method Beginners Courses which include Absolute Beginners Yoga and An Introduction to Meditation.

• Community You’ll make new friends and a caring, supportive network to support your yoga journey forwards.

• Qualification You will receive a teaching certificate enabling you to teach yoga and meditation anywhere in the world, and gain industry standard insurance.

• Credibility On graduation you will be eligible to register as a level 1 or 2 Yoga and Meditation Teacher with Yoga Australia.

• Success The method, mindset and support to be successful in your personal and professional endeavours and enterprises.

• Healing a surprise for many students attending this course is the personal growth and inner transformation which unfolds over the year.

• Empowerment the personal and professional empowerment which comes through overcoming inner obstacles, genuine confidence, and the realisation of your,  potential cannot be overstated.

The Curriculum

Instudio or Online 

The Hatha Yoga Method Teacher Training is comprised of 11 weekend workshops, which are delivered monthly, a 5 day residential retreat over the September long weekend, Wednesday evening classes, private mentoring and Saturday morning online anatomy sessions. There is the option of attending in-person at the studio in the Perth hills, or by joining the live-stream via Zoom from your home.

Attending all modules and classes (either in-studio or by Zoom) is required to graduate. As everything is live-streamed, recorded and uploaded to our learning platform, if you miss a session you can catch up afterwards online. The course is hosted on Kajabi – a professional online learning platform which includes a private Community Forum to connect with your fellow teacher trainees and your trainers, much like social media, but without the distractions!

Weekend Workshops

Each weekend module includes lectures on set topics (see Learning Areas), facilitated discussion, guided practice, and practical hands-on workshops to apply the knowledge. There are workshops and sessions to practice and teach asana, pranayama, various forms of meditation, mantra, bandha, yoga nidra, guided relaxations, kriyas, chanting and other yogic practices in a sequential way building on knowledge and skill as the course progresses. The practices shared are linked to the topics and theoretical material presented as outlined in the Learning Areas.

Residential Ashram Retreat

Modules 9 and 10 are part of a residential teacher training immersion to be held at Kookaburra Creek (Thursday evening – Monday afternoon). In-person attendance at the residential retreat is strongly encouraged even if you have opted to do the course online. You have the option of staying onsite in shared accommodation (limited to 12 places) or camping onsite, or if you prefer you can attend the retreat daily staying offsite in your own accommodation. The retreat is from 5pm on Thursday and ends 2pm on Monday. Other days are 6.30am-9.30pm with a rest period and breaks during the day. Meals are catered and vegan, gluten-free (or you can choose to bring your own). This retreat replicates an ashram experience, and is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in all you have learnt without everyday responsibilities and distractions.

Dynamic Anatomy

Our anatomy expert Jean Campbell has developed a practical and simplified approach to anatomy developed over 28 years of study, practice and teaching. Jean will provide a thorough and engaging education in anatomy and physiology as it applies to yoga through her online learning platform www.dynamicanatomycourses.com combined with six 2 hour interactive live-streamed Zoom sessions.

Jean is based in Sydney and is a dedicated yoga and anatomy educator and has also been associated with Svastha Yoga and the Mohans for many years. There is an emphasis on the practical application of anatomy as it relates to our practice of yoga, and to our teaching of yoga asana to ensure our instruction is appropriate, safe and relevant.

The course complements the overall training, helping you integrate and comprehend the most practical aspects of anatomy study. There are 16 modules focussing on a different part of the body, discussing bones, joints, ranges of motion, muscles and possible reasons for muscular imbalance, restrictions and pain. Principles of injury prevention are presented in a concise and practical manner – meaning that you will be able to apply this knowledge immediately into your own yoga practice and teaching.

At the commencement of the training you will be given access to www.dynamicanatomycourses.com where you will complete the 30 hour level 1 course. You’ll have a year to complete the program and will be assigned units to complete each month. In addition to this you will have six 2 hour sessions with Jean which are livestreamed over Zoom. Completion of Dynamic Anatomy and attendance at the six workshops is required to graduate.

Supervised Teaching

7pm-8pm Wednesday evenings. You’ll gain live teaching experience! Attend in studio or online from home. Each teacher trainee will design and teach a supervised class at the studio and online via zoom for fellow teacher trainees. Prior to teaching your class you will have a one-to-one mentoring session to receive guidance and advice, learn to market and promote your class online and gain studio experience teaching to students in person and online.

There will be some weeks where the facilitators and guest teachers lead the Wednesday classes to ensure you have plenty of practical guidance and opportunities for integration of practices and concepts learnt during the weekend modules. The Wednesday evening calendar will be established once the training commences. It is likely to be a commitment of 2-3 Wednesdays per month. Attendance at all the practicums is required to graduate. If you can’t attend live due to important commitments you can watch the replay. It is a requirement to graduate to attend ALL the practicums.

Studio Membership 

All teacher trainees are given a Studio membership for the year of your training which enables you to attend studio classes and member events at no charge. The membership is valued at $1870 (potentially much more if you were to attend everything!). Kookaburra Yoga offers daily yoga, meditation and music classes, short yoga and meditation courses, and member events which you can attend at no charge. Please note that the membership doesn’t extend to your family or guests (they must pay for themselves), retreats, workshops and other trainings. Upon graduation your membership is converted to a Graduates Membership entitling you to an ongoing 30% discount.

Self-study & Assignments

Every month there is reading to do at home and assignments to complete. Assignments are set each month and explore the themes and source texts more deeply and are designed to be completed sequentially. These vary each month and may include short essays, writing a story/parable, designing classes and yoga sequences, recording meditations, drawing infographics, designing your daily routine, writing a business plan and more. Support and guidance is given to help structure and craft these.

We also organise optional Study Groups during the training generally on a Saturday morning in-studio (and live-streamed). No need to worry if you don’t consider yourself a writer or an artist, support is given to help develop these skills which is an important part of becoming a discerning, critical thinker and articulate, confident communicator across varying mediums. There are also monthly online quizzes following each Module which are a blend of multiple choice and short answer questions to complete – to ensure integration of theoretical material.

The assignments are best done sequentially as we build on knowledge and develop the capacity for deeper and more refined self-enquiry. Each and every task is designed with your personal growth in mind. Over the year, you will build your own library of yoga sequences, themed classes, scripted relaxations, meditations and more. This will be an invaluable resource for you for years to come.

The time commitment is significant. To really get the most from the course you will need to dedicate at least 5 hours a week to self-study and completing course work. No need to worry if you don’t quite get everything done on time -have time following the mid year review to catchup with the expectation that all work is completed by the final review. You also access to all the course materials online including video lectures and the anatomy program for an extra year following the training, and if needed you have this extra 12 months to complete the coursework and graduate later. There is also the option to graduate with a lesser qualification (350 Hour Certificate – see criteria below).

Student Mentors

All trainees are assigned a student mentor, who is a graduate from previous years’ trainings, and who are now teaching yoga here at Kookaburra in our community studio classes and also in the community. Your mentor will assist you with assignments if needed, provide feedback and offer support. Your assignments are firstly submitted to them for review, and then to your trainers.

Practice & Reflect

Following each Module, students are expected to practice what was introduced and taught at home over the month. Practices will include asanas, mudras, pranayama, meditation, mantras, chanting. Each month students will complete and submit a ‘Monthly Reflection’ which is essentially a chronicle of your practices and study completed, obstacles faced, and any insights gained along the way. Documentation of your home practice and submission of monthly reflections each month is required to graduate.

Mid-Year and Final Review

At the midpoint and end of the course, we pause from introducing new content to reflect and review what has been learnt. It is also an opportunity to catch up on any outstanding assignments. During the Mid-year Review you will sit an open-book exam (based on the monthly online quizzes), participate in a philosophical discussion on set topics, and teach to your peers. During the final review you sit an open book exam, talk on a yogic concept, and host/teach at the public event.

Public Event

During our final weekend workshop (Module 11) you will be given a brief for a community event which you will collaborate on with your peers. There will be the time to design, practice and rehearse. We have scheduled a rehearsal following Module 11 and prior to the Review. The event takes place during the Final Review and is an event you can invite your your friends and family along to. The event includes a community lunch and is an opportunity to collectively showcase what you have learnt and your skills as teachers and facilitators.

Graduation Ceremony & Dinner

Graduation Ceremony with certificates issued, sharing, gift-giving, Havan Fire Ceremony and Dinner. We will wear our gold, saffron or white coloured clothes for some lovely individual and group photos. Please note that the graduation ceremony and dinner is for students only. Family and friends are invited to attend the Community Event.

Post-graduate teaching

Following completion of the course, graduate teachers are invited to teach at our free Community Yoga Class on Sunday evenings 5pm-6.20pm. The class is currently taught by previous graduate teachers on a roster. You gain  invaluable live teaching experience and also stay connected to the centre and your community of peers.


The program content is delivered in 11 sequential modules which each integrate theory and practice. You’ll learn the asana, pranayama, meditation, mudras and mantras relevant to each topic, building on knowledge, technique, practice and teaching methods over 12 months. In addition to the 11 modules are 2 ‘Review’ weekends dedicated to reviewing the content learnt and assessment.

Module 1

An Introduction to the World of Yoga; Opening the door to a new way of being

  • Topic 1: About the Hatha Yoga Method; HYM Texts and Traditions
  • Topic 2: An Introduction to the World of Yoga
  • Topic 3: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras & the 8 Limbs of Yoga
  • Topic 4: Mystic Masters – Saints, Sages and Gurus
  • Workshops/Practical: About Asanas. Foundation Asanas for a Stable Base; Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation

Module 2

The story of yoga: from ancient to modern; east to west.

  • Topic 1: A History of Yoga: from ancient to modern, east to west.
  • Topic 2: Surya and Chandra Namaskar
  • Topic 3: The Hatha Yoga Pradipika: yoga of the sun, moon and harnessing the innate energies within
  • Topic 4: An ethical foundation: Yamas and Niyamas
  • Topic 5: Gayatri Mantra and the Vedas
  • Workshops/Practical: Foundation Asanas of Hatha Yoga; Surya Namaskar; Asana Warmup; Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation

Module 3

The yoga of Krishnamacharya. Personalising and Teaching Yoga

  • Topic 1: Yoga for everybody: teaching yoga as appropriate to the individual.
  • Topic 2: The class arc: how to structure a yoga class.
  • Topic 3: Om & the Upanishads
  • Topic 4: Trauma Informed Yoga & the 8 Limbs of Yoga
  • Topic 5: Trauma Informed Yoga: A Framework of Safety
  • Workshops/Practical: Design a Sequence; Cues, props and adjustments to help, support, heal, and not cause harm; Trauma Informed Yoga Script; Maitri Loving Kindness; Mahamudra, Bandhas; Nandanusandhana

Module 4

Journey of the self to the Self

  • Topic 1: Samkhya Philosophy, Story of Creation, the Universe, and the Self
  • Topic 2: The Taittitriya Upanishad – Koshas: the multi-dimensional self.
  • Topic 3:  the Subtle Body – perspectives from Bhagavad GitaYoga Sutras and Kashmir Shaivism
  • Topic 4: The Yoga Body – yogic, tantric  and Ayurvedic perspectives
  • Workshops/Practical: Stretching in yoga; Yoga Asanas & the Koshas; Posture & Pandiculation; Sri Yantra; Standing & Balance Asanas

Module 5 

Yogic Meditation – Yoga and the Mind

  • Topic 1: What is Meditation?
  • Topic 2: Yogic meditation and the Brain.
  • Topic 3: The higher limbs of yoga. Unlocking the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras.
  • Topic 3: Vrittis, Samskara, Vasana and Sankalpa
  • Topic 4: The kleshas, and overcoming obstacles on the path to happiness –  applying kriya yoga.
  • Topic 5: Yoga Nidra, the brain and consciousness
  • Workshops/Practical: Stages of Yoga Nidra; Standing and Seated Balance Poses; Seated Asanas & Twists; Asanas for Prana Vayu; Padma Lotus Meditation & Sequence

Module 6

The Subtle Self and Yoga of Sound

  • Topic 1: Mantra Yoga
  • Topic 2: Nada Yoga – the yoga of sound
  • Topic 3: Kundalini Yoga. Chakras, Nadis, Life Force, Sanskrit and Bija Mantras
  • Topic 4: Laya Yoga: chakras, mantra, and the yoga of subtle sound
  • Topic 5: Mystery and Science of the Breath. Pranayama and Prana Vayus.
  • Topic 6: Progressions and Levels in Yoga Asanas
  • Workshops/Practical: Story of Om; Mudras, Mantras and Creative Visualisation – Yoga for the Subtle Body; Asana with Mantra; HYM pranayama techniques; Inversions; Sequencing for Safety; Assessing Students and  Levelling Asanas

Module 7

Buddhi Mind. Wisdom, Creativity and Flow

  • Topic 1: Western and yogic psychology. Concepts of consciousness in the east and west. The mysticism of Carl Jung. 
  • Topic 2: Who Am I? The yoga of self enquiry. Ramana Maharshi the great sage of Advaita Vedanta. Isvara Who is this “I” in me?
  • Topic 3: Consciousness, creativity and highest self. Meditation, brain waves, consciousness
  • Topic 4: The Mandukya Upanishad: states of consciousness and the meditation journey.
  • Topic 4: The Bhagavad Gita and the Hero’s Journey. Accessing creative inspiration.
  • Workshops/Practical: The Hero’s Journey. Write your story – past, present and future;  Jungian mandalas and Dream Consciousness; Restorative Yoga; Active Straight, Movement and Verbal Cues; Vectors in Yoga Asana

Module 8

Modern Yoga Asana

  • Topic 1: Early Modern Yoga
  • Topic 2: Evolution of Modern Yoga
  • Topic 3: Modern Yoga Styles
  • Topic 4: Gender in Yoga
  • Topicn 5: Yoga for the Stages of Life
  • Workshops/Practical: Pranayama Workshop; Somatic Yoga: healing the body, mind and emotions; Modern Yoga Styles: Yin Yoga; Restorative Yoga; Ashtanga Yoga; Sivananda Yoga; Vinyasa Yoga

Module 9 Retreat

Yogic Living

  • Topic 1: the authentic teacher: living what you teach
  • Topic 2: your own truth north: yogic sadhana and your personal practice
  • Topic 3:  yogic living, food and the yogic diet
  • Topic 4: dinacharya and ritucharya: designing your daily routine to support your life, health and wellbeing
  • Evening story telling, fire ceremonies, yoga nidra. Early morning meditations.
  • Workshops/Practical: design your life; your daily routine;design your personal sadhana practice; Healing Foods Cooking Demo

Module 10 Retreat

Blue Ocean visioning – for Personal & Professional Transformation

  • Topic 1:  becoming wise: applying yogic knowledge to transform your mind, body, heart.
  • Topic 2: ishvara pranidhana: awakening devotion in a material world
  • Topic 3: Shakti; sharing your light: finding, communicating and presenting your passion
  • Topic 4: the yogic visionary: dreaming your life purpose into being. Workshop a business/life plan using our Blue Ocean template
  • Workshops/Practical: yogic visioning and the joy of work; Vijnana Bhairava Tantra – Design & Deliver a Meditation/Yoga Class; write a life plan and a business plan; plan a workshop, retreat or masterclass

Module 11 

Into the World

  • Topic 1: The Business of Yoga. Accountability, Continuing Education and Conduct. Processes, procedures, finance, and the practicalities of working in the yoga/wellness industry.
  • Topic 2: Being You. Marketing methods, ethics and influence. Being you in a crowded world. How to be a success in any field.
  • Topic 3: Walking the 4 paths of Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita: Karma Yoga: path of the peaceful warrior. Karma, Dharma and making a difference. Jnana Yoga: embodying wisdom, becoming wise. Raja Yoga: taking the high road to peace. Bhakti Yoga: Mantra, Music, Love for the Divine, Service to Humanity.
  • Topic 5: Teaching Absolute Beginners Yoga
  • Topic 6: Teaching Meditation
  • Workshops/Practical: Teaching Methods: Teaching Meditation to Diverse Groups; Teaching Absolute Beginners Yoga; Marketing Methods; Design & Develop a 4 Hour Public Yoga Program (to be delivered during the Final Review).


On completion of this training you will have a sound knowledge & practical experience in the following areas.

Yoga Theory

1. Philosophy and psychology of yoga based on key texts including the Yogasutra of Patanjali

2. The History of Yoga, the traditional, teachers and paths of Yoga

3. Sanskrit terminology: key words and essential concepts


1. The Hatha Vinyasa Krama Yoga of Krishnamacharya, combining breathing and movement

2. Functional and safe movement in asana, applicable in everyday life

3. Foundation asanas, their counter poses and their variations

4. Modern approaches: Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin yoga systems and key poses


1. Principles of sequencing and designing group classes

2. Develop sequences for different needs

3. Cueing, communicating and adjusting


1. Foundation pranayama practices and theory

2. Integrating pranayama and mantra

3. Applied pranayama for managing mind and emotions


1. Integrating sound and mantra in asanas.

2. Mantra and music for meditation

3. Nyasa – embodying sound for healing

4. Sing – kirtan, bhajans, sacred mantras


1. Theory of meditation, mindfulness, the mind from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

2. Theories of the mind and consciousness from eastern mystical and western psychology perspectives

3. Yogic meditation traditions, their key practices and application

Anatomy & Physiology

1. Functional anatomy and physiology as applied to asanas and yoga practice

2. Knowledge of functional anatomy to help you practice yoga safely and effectively

3. Knowledge of the nervous system and internal systems and the effective use of yoga to maintain function and health

Japa & Mantras

1. Importance and theory of mantra.

2. Mantras for chanting and meditation

3. Therapeutic use of mantra for wellbeing and healing

Yogic Lifestyle

1. Yogic values and ethics in daily life

2. Ayurvedic doshas, prakrti, diet principles

3. The yogic diet incorporating ‘sattvic’, pranic and ethical concepts.

Yoga Energetics

1. Mudras and bandhas: learn how to integrate into practice and teach

2. Theories of the subtle body: the nadis, prana, vayus, granthis, chakras, kundalini

3. Understanding concepts of consciousness from a yogic perspective and a western perspective.

Personal Practice

1. Cultivate an intelligent, meaningful and sustainable personal practice of yoga to support you through life and as a foundation for being an authentic teacher and communicator.

Teaching Methods

1. Teaching with intelligence, respect, sensitivity and integrity in accordance with yogic ethics and values.

2. Communicating yogic ethics and values verbally and non-verbally.

3. Finding your passion, developing your ‘style’, leading by example.

4. Specialise: designing a masterclass, workshop, retreat


1. Integrating yoga practice, principles and ethics into life and work

2. The practicalities and realities of becoming a teacher – whether as an employee, sub-contractor, business owner or studio owner

3. Ethical management, marketing and communication

4. High level life and business planning

Key dates and costs

Weekend Modules 
Saturdays 10am-6pm & Sundays 9am-5pm in-studio or online

Module 1: 10 & 11 Feb 24
Module 2: 16 & 17 March 24
Module 3: 13 & 14 April 24
Module 4: 11 & 12 May 24
Module 5: 8 & 9 June 24
Mid Year Review: 13 & 14 July 24
Module 6: 17 & 18 August 24
Module 7: 21 & 22 Sept 24
Module 10: 16 & 17 Nov 24
Module 11: 7 & 8 Dec 24
Final Review: 1 & 2 Feb 25

5 Night Residential Retreat
Modules 8 & 9: 17-21 Oct 24. 5pm Thursday – 2pm Monday.

Dynamic Anatomy Online Workshops
Saturdays 10am-12pm:

1. 2 March 24
2. 27 April 24
3. 1 June 24
4. 20 July 24
5. 31 Aug 24
6. 12 Oct 24

Practicum – student-led classes
Wednesday evenings 7pm-8pm.  Attend instudio or online via Zoom.


• 1 x 90 minute mentoring session 2 weeks prior to your teaching practicum.
• Optional 1 x 90 minute professional/business development mentoring session.


Public Event
• Rehearsal/Practice – Saturday 18 Jan. 10am-2pm.
• Event – Sunday 2 Feb. 10am-2pm. Invite your family and friends.


Graduation & Dinner
15 February 2025 Saturday 2pm-8pm


• $450 non-refundable deposit payable on application
• $5,500 total tuition fee (upfront) 
• 6, 9 or 12 month payment plans available (additional $100 fee for payment plans)
• 18 & 24 month payment plans available upon special request (additional $200 fee)


Residential Retreat Costs
+$180 venue fee – shared room
+$90 venue fee – camp onsite
+$0 – stay offsite

+$340 All meals mentioned below
+$30pm Dinner Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
+$25pm Breakfast Fri, Sat, Su, Mo
+$30pm Lunch Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon
+$0 provide your own meals


• 11 Weekend Workshops (instudio + online options)
• 5 Day Retreat (see additional accommodation/food costs)
• Wednesday evening trainee-led class practicums
• 2 private coaching sessions
• Online Dynamic Anatomy with Jean Campbell
• 6 online Dynamic Anatomy workshops
• Free 12 month Studio Membership valued at $1870. Attend classes, courses & member events at no charge.
• Huge volume of written, audio and video resources to keep forever
• Private Teacher Trainee Online Community Forum
• Access to Online Learning Platform and all content for 24 months
• An extra year to complete coursework if needed.

How to apply
This might be the longest email we have ever sent! You’ve got this far, and now super excited to take the next step. Here is how…

• Read through the comprehensive course information on our webpage.

• Send an email to request the Prospectus which outlines the Course Curriculum, assignments, readings, book list and other important information.

• Attend the Info Session or watch the recording. Call or email us if you have any questions. You’ll find our phone number on the course webpage.

• Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions

• Submit your Application Form and pay your deposit.

• Get started on the Reading List – many of which are supplied as pdfs. This is included in the Prospectus and Curriculum we’ll send to you by request, or once you have applied.


Hear from some of our recent graduates here and also at our Info Session. Many of whom are already teaching here at Kookaburra on Sundays at the our FREE Community Yoga Class and in the community. 


“This teacher training has been more than I could have ever imagined. I began this incredible course a year ago expecting to learn to teach yoga. While that is true what I have gained personally far outweighs all expectations. To be held my mentors, teachers and peers so lovingly throughout our journey was incredible. The teaching program and community Robert and Mandy so lovingly create at Kookaburra Creek Yoga is truly one of a kind. From the bottom of my heart I thank you both for holding space for me and my peers as we journeyed this past year through the most epic journey of  yoga study and self discovery. With deepest love and gratitude.” – Dani

* * *

“An incredible and life-changing year of study, growth, and community that I will never forget. The program is incredibly thorough and supportive, it is put together with so much heart and skill by Mandy and Robert. My personal yoga practice and knowledge has gained so much depth as we explored the many facets of yoga and teaching. I feel so much more empowered to continue exploring my own yogic path and also share my unique self as a yoga teacher with others. A transformational program!! “– Erin

* * *

“This yoga teacher training is the most comprehensive training we have the privilege to access in Australia. The breadth of knowledge and experience that Mandy, Robert and Jean provide is extraordinary. We are so lucky to have a direct connection to the Krishmacharya lineage, as well as access to the many other wonderful gurus that we have the honour of learning from. It has been incredible to learn in depth anatomy, and the extensive philosophy and practices of the Hatha Yoga Method. If you wish to learn this deeply transformative framework, in a supportive and beautiful environment, this is the course for you. “– Katrina

* * *

“This course is a fantastic way to learn more about all aspects of yoga. As a male, even though there was mainly females on the course, at no stage did I feel left out or not valued. Mandy and Robert have created a space where people can be there complete self. I would highly recommend this for both friends who are extremely experienced in different forms of yoga, and those who aren’t experienced but have a genuine interest to learn more, it is a commitment but a very worthy one. I came out it of the course with everything I was hoping for and so much more. Thank you to Mandy and Robert for opening your home to us, it is such a sacred space and one that I cherish having in my life. “– Rhys

* * *

“The knowledge and presence Mandy and Robert hold is phenomenal! The divine space they have created, blessed by the lineages of the Masters they have connected with, is such a gift. Their own long-term practice enables them to transmit this ancient wisdom directly from their experiences. Some of the lectures were pure satsang, and there are deep and rare readings to return to again and again. The course is also a wonderful exploration of modern yoga and the application of yogic principles in the world, and the monthly structure supports the integration of yoga as a way of life.” – Sian

* * *

“The Hatha Yoga Method Teacher Training has really awakened a new spirit inside of me. You are taken through a series of modules full of authentic ancient wisdom that gently break you down and rebuild you with love and light. The teachers are full of profound practices, and they share them in a way that the student can relate and apply them to their own lives. As you work through the course your true self slowly appears and the path forward becomes clearer. I feel so much more grounded in my yoga practice and ready to create an offering to share with others.” – Renata

* * *

“The yoga teacher training program at Kookaburra Yoga has been a really unfathomable experience. Mandy and Robert are incredibly knowledgable, kind, generous, and authentic teachers who really do go above and beyond. I felt incredibly seen, safe and supported throughout the journey and as the course progressed really begun to understand and comprehend the experiential elements of the yoga teacher training that simply would not be accessible unless this was over a year and had the depth of this course. I feel like I have learnt a lot personally throughout this course, and have an abundance of content and information to come back to and feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to find this knowledge and leadership in my learnings. Thank you Mandy and Robert, the depths of your mentorship will be greatly appreciated decades into my future. “– Bec

* * *

“This was by far one of the most beautiful and profound experiences I’ve ever had. Wonderful and generous teachers with such comprehension and depth in the lessons. It was so challenging in the most positive way, helping us to grow beyond what was imagined. What an honour. It was one of the best decisions I made. Thank you Mandy and Robert and the YTT cohort. “– Mei

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