Live and Breathe Yoga 350 hour teacher training program


Our 350-hour, Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training course is a Yoga Australia registered program in Townsville for people seeking to:

  • become successful yoga teachers,
  • develop their individual yoga practice,
  • strengthen professional yoga teaching knowledge and experience, or
  • embed yoga practices into their existing clinical work.

This course is split into two parts:

Part 1 : Yogic Studies Immersion Program

Our Yogic studies Immersion program is designed to take the curious yogi into the world beyond the physical postures and:

  • join a personal development program underpinned by yogic practices and principles
  • study yogic philosophy and how to apply the ancient teachings to thrive in the modern world
  • develop a regular and supported asana (postures) and pranayama (breathwork) practice
  • develop a regular meditation practice
  • learn sanskrit and practice chanting in a group setting
  • understand yogic physiology to enhance your physical practice so that instead of doing yoga it becomes who you are

Part 2 : Teacher Training Certification

Our 350 hour Yoga Teaching certification program is a Yoga Australia registered program for people seeking to:

  • extend their studies after the immersion program,
  • become a successful and highly skilled yoga teacher,
  • develop their personal practice into a well balanced support system to use and share throughout all the stages of life
  • enhance existing professional yoga teaching and build connections with other teachers, or
  • embed body and breath practices into their existing clinical work. ( eg physiotherapists, osteopaths, gps, psychologists etc)

Why train with Live and Breathe Yoga?

Over 40 years combined teaching experience

The course will be delivered by highly skilled teachers who are dedicated to teaching, have over 40 years of combined experience, and thrive in sharing their knowledge. Harry’s exceptional and successful treatment experience, Tracey’s wide knowledge of philosophy and experience in delivering teacher training, and Allison’s therapeutic expertise and ability to teach in accessible ways combine to form a dynamic and holistic team. And boy do we have fun doing it all!

The rigorous and challenging course will be developed from best practice research, draw from thousands of hours of teaching experience from the trainers and will be accessible to interested individuals throughout the region.  Being working parents, we are very much living in the real world with similar life challenges to many of our clients. We really do Live and Breathe Yoga in our daily lives.

Highly successful and well regarded studio

Our traction in the market. Being an established studio now for over a decade, our integrity, character, and reputation all contributed to the return of former students from all over the world back to our virtual studio and thrive during covid restrictions.

Our readiness and ability to adapt.  The Townsville floods and the current pandemic are two notable examples of effectively pivoting to enable us to continue providing valuable and accessible services to our community.

Our digital capabilities. We transitioned successfully to a fully virtual studio in 2020 and now deliver a hybrid model of on-demand video, live virtual, and in-studio classes, as well as private yoga and yoga therapy sessions.

“The Yoga Teacher Training Course is everything I pictured, with so much more I didn’t foresee. Of course you feel confident and inspired to be a yoga teacher to spread the joy and knowledge you have received. But the added bonus is the personal growth which is remarkable, particularly over such a short period of time. I have taken on life with a different perspective.

I was concerned about committing to the time and monetary expenditure, but I need not be as Allison put in an affordable payment plan and the relaxed atmosphere the teachers create results in you not feeling the pressures of assessments. I have truly valued the time spent on the course which means the commitment was an easy adjustment into my life.

I have gained an ease and simplicity to life, which as we know we tend to complicate, so for this reason the course has been invaluable. 

Finally, if I had one word to describe the course it would be: Love. Don’t miss out on feeling the love and deepening the knowledge of you.”

~ Lizzie H, graduate

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