Anatomy for Teachers 50hrs online


Anatomy Terminology: Establishing a foundation for understanding anatomical terms.
Stretching, Flexibility, and Fascia: Exploring the application of stretching, flexibility, and the role of fascia in the context of anatomy.
Muscle Understanding: Delve into the fundamentals of the human body’s muscular system, exploring origins, insertions, actions, and their direct application to the practice of Asana ( Yoga postures and this knowledge can be translated into Pilates movements).
Human Body Systems and Physiology: Gain insights into the seven main systems that constitute the human body’s physiology, understanding how modifications and adjustments in Asana can influence these systems.
Foundational Importance: Recognise the significance of a solid foundation in anatomy for effective teaching. Whether addressing student injuries or refining their practice, a profound understanding of anatomy forms the bedrock of personalised instruction.

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Approved Professional Development courses
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Online - Self paced