Kate Pell 350 hour Yoga Teacher Training


This course is designed to offer you the necessary tools and experience to practice ‘Living in Yoga’, and to transfer this knowledge into the skills of yoga teaching. This journey requires that you trust your own views, sensations, perspectives and processes, while maintaining an open heart and mind towards those of others. Be open to offering space to the gifts that spontaneity and trust provide. Learn to break free from the habitual (conditioned) pathways of behaviour and let your mind become more attuned to all the possibilities that life has on offer. Surrender to the guidance that each moment brings, regardless of the small-minded opinions of the superficial mind and its ability to rationalize everything in a way that suits the individual.

In a nutshell, this course offers the potential for self-realization through the study, recognition and embodiment of the ancient and contemporary arts and sciences of asana and movement patterns, pranayama, meditation, self-enquiry and philosophy. These omnipresent wisdoms have stood the test of time and reveal their relevance and intelligence over thousands of years of human experience. Such endeavours bring recognition and light to our deepest truths and highest potentials. As such, your effort is towards living your life as consciously as possible – this is your natural birthright. May we give thanks to all the self-realised beings/teachers of the past and present, who have offered clear guidelines and support to help us see that such a path is not only possible, but that success is definitely assured given the correct practice is maintained.

Bhakti Yoga is the devotional practice of loving all that exists. Be present to this practice. Learn to recognize that all occurrences, whichever end of the polarity they occur, may be acknowledged with openness and love. Your inner intelligence, peers and loved ones will be your best teachers, along with myself and the support teachers, so let’s share this path with our hearts open.

Karma yoga can be put immediately into practice by looking after the space in which we practice. Stay aware as to the whereabouts of your props, books, drink bottles and other belongings. Stay responsible for keeping our shared work place as clean and organised as possible.

Taking responsibility for your own thoughts, speech and action is of utmost importance. Let us create a space where we all feel free to voice our ideas and experiences freely without judgement. And a reminder: if you know you are more extroverted, please learn to hold back at times to allow those who may need more encouragement or time the opportunity to voice their ideas.

Knowing I am here to support and assist you on the path, feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. Please keep me on my toes and feel free to contact me and ask as many questions as you like. I am here to serve. If you need to talk, please email or text first to organize an appropriate time.

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