Meditation Teacher Training – 55 hours


This 55 hour Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training is designed for those seeking not only to deepen their practice but to empower others. Are you passionate about helping others to find relief from suffering ? Do you want to learn the keys to reducing stress, depression and anxiety ? Would you like to learn how to sleep deeply, improve your concentration and to generally feel more relaxed and content ? This program will give you the practical and theoretical skills to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

Throughout the duration of the course you will be taught theory and matched  with Mindfulness Meditation practices, you will be required to practice the methods that you learn and to record your observations through your journey.

This is course is registered with The Mediation Association of Australia. If you would like to register with Mediation Australia as Teacher of Meditation you must complete this Level 1 training and the subsequent Level 2 training ; the requirements are 110hours of Training.

The full course is delivered in two parts each of 8 weeks, you will also be required to complete an 8 week personal reflection/journal to accompany the weekly trainings. At the end of each part you will need to demonstrate your learning by submitting an audio recording of yourself leading a practice.

Rationale :

In our increasingly distracted and fragmented world, people are searching for accessible tools and methods to combat stress, anxiety and dis-ease. This course is designed to empower you to help others, you will be mentored by your Senior teacher Em over an 8 week period. You can complete all of the sessions and study from the comfort of your own home and at the same time be deeply connected to a small group for the duration of the course.

This course is for Yoga Teachers and those wishing to lead Mindfulness Meditation sessions.

As yoga teachers we have the unique capacity to reach our students when they arrive on the mat for class, whether the student realises it or not they are arriving at class to quell a need in these hectic times. This need can be physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination of these. Mindfulness practices are an accessible, research based method of enabling us to develop awareness and equip ourselves with skills that can be used in our day to day lives. Through the course you will learn a variety of techniques to weave into your yoga classes to make practice more mindful and empower your students beyond the mat.

This course infuses the practical/science based research of Mindfulness Meditation (MBSR/MBCT) with powerful breathwork. By the end of the course you will have a toolkit of lessons, scripts, and learnt ‘language’ to enable you to weave these practices into a yoga class setting and beyond.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you will have :

  • – The capacity to be an excellent Teacher of Mindfulness Meditation
  • – Learnt the latest supported theory and science based research
  • – A full tool kit of resources to utilise with your future students (scripts, presentations, audio recordings)
  • – The confidence to embark on your journey to help others

Format :

 View the full course overview online here

-8 Week Course (Live Learning via Zoom, continued weekly practice supported by your mentor, with an end of course assessment prior to approved certificate of completion)

-2 x Live 1 hr sessions per week (1st session is practical plus theory + 2nd is Q+A and mentoring)

-16 Hours Online video self-paced training + study from the Course Workbook

-Weekly Assessment (all video + assessment is provided through the Online training portal, students are encouraged to keep a reflective journal for the duration of the course)

-Week 8 Submission (each student must submit a video or audio of their practice for assessment by the Course Teacher)

Students must attend all of the weekly live classes plus work through the sequential online content to support their learning.

At the end of each week the student must complete a quiz to ensure learning has been solidified before they will be provided with the next week of content.

At the end of the Course each student must upload an audio/video of them delivering a Mindfulness Mediation Session. this will be graded by the teacher, opportunities to improve will be provided, then certification will be given.

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Session Outlines :

What you will Learn:

Each topic is supported by research and mentoring from your teacher, with each topic you will learn a new practice of mindfulness meditation to add to your toolkit

Session 1 

  • – What is Mindfulness?
  • – The Pillars of Mindfulness
  • – The similarities and differences between mindfulness meditation and other forms of meditation
  • – How to build a regular practice

Session 2: 

  • – The history of Mindfulness and Meditation
  • – An Introduction to Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity
  • – How to develop your attention

Session 3: 

  • – Taming the monkey Mind
  • – Being Here and Now

Session 4: 

  • – Dealing with Challenging Thoughts
  • – Learning to Step Back
  • – Getting unstuck from Habit Patterns Part 1

Session 5:

  • – Recognising worry
  • – Getting unstuck from Habit Patterns Part 2

Session 6:

  • – Moving Mindfully
  • – Expanded awareness

Session 7:

  • – Befriending difficulty
  • – Appreciating the good

Session 8:

  • – Pedagogy and practice; how to teach mindfulness meditation in bite-sized pieces
  • – How to bring theory and practice together in a variety of settings
  • – An introduction to how to adapt both theory and practice for beginners, adults and teens

About your Teacher :

Em is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia, side by side with this she is was a High School Teacher for 25 years. Where she has not only taught academically and mentored dozens of graduate high school teachers.

She is a ‘Wellbeing Warrior’ having developed many programs for students. She has studied MBSR + MBST and run programs in schools and in the community for nearly ten years. Her wellbeing work has enabled her students to develop innate skills to prevent anxiety, depression and other forms of dis-ease that afflict us in todays society. She now offers online training to Yoga Teachers and Students in Mindfulness Meditation to empower others and bring calm to our frantic lives.

Em is jovial and kind and will nurture you through your studies, she will tailor the course to your individual needs and be there with you step by step along the way.

She has studied and practiced many pathways of yoga in a variety of settings, such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa + Yin Yoga. She continues to study and has a love of learning and sharing with her students.

Em is passionate about Karma yoga, giving back. She is the founder of Yogathering a not for profit yoga organisation in Brisbane which provides yoga and mediation to the community. Yogathering’s Studio is in Tenerife, where classes are offered 4 times per week for a gold coin donation.

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