The Art of Rest by Katie Welsh – Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (50 hours)


Next intake dates: 14 August 2024  (starting 10am) to 18 August 2024 (finishing 4pm).

Are you a yoga teacher who would like to bring some quieter more nourishing offerings to your yoga community? Or are you a sincere seeker – a yoga practitioner looking to take your practice to a deeper and more reflective place? Join me for The Art of Rest by Katie Welsh® – Restorative Yoga and explore this rejuvenating practice that replenishes and heals the body through the parasympathetic nervous system.

Burnout is on the rise around the world, and in Australia. Doing more is a feature of modern society. Mental health issues abound. The need for rest has never been greater, and this is being seen by increasing demand for quieter yoga classes.

The Art of Rest by Katie Welsh® – Restorative Yoga will bring you an understanding of restorative yoga from a historical, theoretical and practical perspective, allowing you to be able to serve the need of the community.

This program includes:
• An understanding of the traditional perspective of what yoga is – both the state of yoga and the practice of yoga
• Delving into what restorative yoga is and how it can help you discover the state of yoga. You will also understand the differences between restorative yoga and yin yoga
• Considerations of why people need rest practices in the modern world
• A brief history of the tapestry of yoga, including when more physical practices emerged, including restorative yoga. This will include consideration of the history and philosophy of rest
• An overview of recent research on the benefits of restorative yoga practices
• Looking at restorative yoga from the perspective of our physical, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies
• Learning to teach key restorative yoga āsanas, including the use of yoga props, and understanding variations for all bodies
• A deeper understanding of some of the ancient practices such as sankalpa, prāṇayama, mudras, and the concept of silence that can complement your restorative yoga practices
• The art of holding restful space and creating an experience for your students, and
• An opportunity to be involved in post-training mentoring with Katie Welsh as you shape your offerings.

Why train with Katie?
Katie is a long time restorative yoga teacher – it is her passion – what she practices and what she teaches. She is a champion of rest and provides a true sanctuary for her students. She stays true to the traditions of yoga and always teaches with a sprinkling of history and philosophy. Katie is a Level 2 teacher with Yoga Australia and a E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP® Teacher with Yoga Alliance, but first and foremost she is a yoga practitioner. A seeker on the spiritual path of yoga – known as a mumukṣu. Always learning. Always evolving. Always experiencing life and making sense of the wisdom. In an increasingly busy world, Katie loves guiding people to find inner peace and clarity through divinely restful yoga practices, mantra, meditation and wisdom from the ancient scriptures. She finds great joy in sharing yogic wisdom and practices to those who feel a connection with her. Restorative yoga is a massive part of her life, but it was also critical to her healing recently through the experience of breast cancer. This is when she knew she wanted to educate more teachers on the magic of restorative yoga. It is so needed in today’s world.

Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance approved!
The Art of Rest by Katie Welsh® – Restorative Yoga is approved professional development by both Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance and can count towards your CPE requirements.

The Art of Rest by Katie Welsh® – Restorative Yoga will be delivered as a 5 day immersion at Phillip in Canberra, with some pre-work and an assignment following the training. Once completed, you will receive a 50 hour YTT certification.

Additional modules available

On completion of a full 50 hour restorative yoga teacher training, two additional 12 hour modules are available for those with an interest in teaching restorative yoga to pregnant women and also for those interested in incorporating meditative pranayama and kriyas or energy work.  The Art of Rest by Katie Welsh® – Prenatal Restorative Yoga will help you understand the benefits of this practice during pregnancy; understand the stages of pregnancy and how those stages influences yoga practice; how to keep your prenatal students safe, including common issues that may be experienced; to unpack key prenatal restorative yoga āsanas in detail, including purpose, variations and benefits; and learn how to use yoga props effectively in pregnancy.  And of course – to immerse yourself in the practice of prenatal Restorative Yoga.  The Art of Rest by Katie Welsh® – Meditative Pranayama and Kriyas will allow you to dive into these beautiful practices in a little more depth.   We will unpack a number of pranayama and kriya practices  in detail, including purpose, variations and benefits; and learn how to incorporate them into Restorative Yoga classes and practices.

How to book

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Katie’s Art of Rest was so much more than training. She shows her students how to truly embody the wisdom and principles of restorative yoga, by being in the poses and guiding others into the poses, alongside teachings on the history of yoga and the physiological, mental and subtle energy aspects of yoga. It was truly experiential to listen to Katie’s immense wisdom and knowledge of the state of yoga, while experiencing the state through the practice itself. I was able to feel the effects on my nervous system and physiology as I was learning about them. 

I have never experienced a training where my energy stayed constant, my mood and attention were even and focused. Katie is a wonderful teacher who fully embodies the practice and the wisdom teachings, expertly holds the space for the practice, and gently educates her students to do the same. I highly recommend for both personal and professional development. 

Christina Davidson 500 RYT
Owner, Wild Grace Yoga and Healing

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Approved Professional Development courses
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