The Ayurveda Goddess (Online) Course


🌹Do you know the value of slowing down and self-care, but haven’t succeeded in implementing them into your daily habits consistently?

🌹Do you want to feel really well on every level but get confused about exactly how to do that?

🌹Do you want to bring the benefits of ayurveda‘s ancient health and wellness system into your overwhelming and busy life?

All the knowledge in the world won’t help you unless you take practical action and that is what the ‘Ayurveda Goddess’ online training is designed to do!

Ayurveda Goddess provides a solid framework for living and embodying your most creative and vibrant life. For yourself, your loved ones and – if you are a teacher – your students.


♡ Yoga teachers

♡ Wellness and life coaches

♡ Counsellors

♡ Mothers

♡ Social and youth workers

♡ Busy women of all ages who feel like they don’t have time for self-care

♡ Women feeling a lack of community

♡ Naturopaths, herbalists and practitioners of other natural health modalities

♡ Ayurveda practitioners who want to learn more about the feminine model of care

The training is delivered in a video, audio and workbook format. Once you sign up you’ll get access to the whole course straight away.  We’ve recently added gorgeous course notes custom created by artist Suzi Colpa.

  •  Practices for finding and balancing the Divine Feminine (shaktiprana, dharma and bhakti)
  •  Supporting your individual elemental type (dosha)
  •  Reflecting and working on relationships (using the gunas to shift from toxic interactions to wholesome and nourishing ones)
  •  Seasonal rituals and ceremony specifically related to the Australian seasons and landscape
  •  Indigenous insights (including honouring your own ancestry)
  •  Detoxifying and fortifying the body (agni, ama, ojas)
  •  Cultivating your spiritual kitchen and food practices (sadhana)
  •  Embracing the moon and supporting women’s reproductive and menstrual health
  •  Herbs, oils, spices and teas
  •  Subtle body healing (working with energy and intuitive healing)
  •  Embracing the teachings – integration and application in your own life
  •  PLUS loads of bonus content and guest teacher offerings
Delivery Mode
Online - Self paced