Yin Yoga Immersion


My Yoga Time’s 50hr Yin Yoga Immersion provides a foundation of theory, methodology & practice. Learn how to teach a safe & therapeutic Yin class that will suit different skeletal variations & ailments. This Immersion takes the yogi on an inward journey; physically, mentally and spiritually. Unravel the body’s matrix, energise the subtle body, experience inner bliss.

Yogis will receive 80 page manual and 11 online yin classes.

The thorough curriculum covers;

~ benefits, principals & history of Yin Yoga

~ addressing tension & compression in the body

~ our unique bodies & range of motion, stretching v’s lengthening

~ how yin effects muscles, tendons, ligaments, adhesions, fascia, myofascial meridian lines & nerve plexus

~ pranayama & mudras

~ subtle physiology; chakras, nadis, vayus, meridians & acupressure points

~ mental, emotional & physical benefits

~ understand the physical benefits of reshaping the body through yin and releasing tight fascia

~ enhance your yin experience through pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi

~ therapeutic sequencing, holding space, modifications & props

The applied Anatomy & Physiology in this course flows over to all styles of yoga & is advantageous for therapeutic class sequencing & planning.

Yogis are required to log 15 yin classes (these can be with any studio / gym or online), Log Sheet provided & to complete one assignment.

Investment $520

50 CPD Yoga Australia

Enrol online anytime and progress as quickly or slowly as you wish.  Or join us in studio

9.30-4.30pm Friday 13th September to Sunday 15th September 2024

Mt Cotton QLD Australia

All yogis will have lifetime access to the online course content

Course Category
Approved Professional Development courses
My Yoga Time
Delivery Mode
Online - Self pacedIn-person at School