Yoga Teacher Sound Training


Workshop Teachers: Lead teacher is Jane Toohey (Level 2 Yoga and Meditation Teacher from Haven Yoga & Meditation).

Next course starts March 2024

CPD points: 25


Yoga Teacher Sound Pack:

  • Discount on crystal singing bowls
  • 1 set of Mala Beads
  • Chakra cards

Exclusive discount on:

Comprehensive Training Materials & Takeaways:

  • Training workbooks + practical exercise sheets
  • Assessment sheets & homework
  • Receive 9 new yoga classes – designed for you to balance chakras and incorporate your bowls
  • Receive 4 sound-only classes
  • Receive meditation scripts – designed specifically for you to use.

Initial workshop agenda – What you will learn

Intensive application of a complementary therapy that is crystal sound via use of crystal singing bowls.

True Tone & Vibration

  • Strike and sing the bowl using a range of mallets, and understand the difference in all of them
  • Listen for the true tone of the bowls and learn how to influence the sound wave that you’re creating
  • Develop your process/ritual or style that fits your business and brand.

Music & Sound Journeys

  • The musical notes & chords that play nicely together
  • Sound journeys, emotional and physical effects
  • Binaural sound magic Brain & Body Science
  • The dance of brainwaves and sound-waves
  • The secret life of our cells
  • Learn cognitive, emotional, and behavioural functioning
  • Breath and vocal flow.


  • How to integrate crystal bowls into a yoga class (we run through one whole class across the 7 chakras and integrate the bowls in the first workshop).
  • How to use mala beads in a mala meditation class
  • How to develop your own guided meditation script.

On completion of the course and successful completion of a multiple choice quiz students receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course Category
Approved Professional Development courses
Haven Yoga Meditation
Delivery Mode
In-person at School