600 hr Yoga Teacher Training Course with Sue Everett


Yoga Teacher Training Course – 600-hour


Registrations accepted throughout the year. Please email for details.

Introduction – Sue Everett has developed a definitive training for dedicated practitioners who aspire to teach Yoga, providing a clear and effective method to help shape the individual’s practice and learn the skill sets & diversity of yoga teaching.

Eligibility –
 A student wishing to train as a yoga teacher must have been practising Yoga regularly for a minimum of three years before undertaking yoga teacher training and must 16 years or older.

Yoga teacher training can be an intense and at times a very slow process. It is vital that you & your training teacher have a solid relationship and open communication. An interview with Sue via phone or Zoom is recommended to assess readiness to embark on the training.

Treading the Path – The basis of the YTTC which is offered through the lens of an Iyengar Yoga technique, lies in the cultivation of a regular personal yoga practice along with an exploration and study of yogic principles and wisdom. The emphasis is also on how to teach to a particular experience-level of yoga, as well as exploring the asana variations needed in managing an injury or health issue. Practical guidance is offered throughout the training on how to approach this.

YTTC requires a dedicated commitment to ongoing personal practice and self study between the online contact sessions, so it is important that participants be self-motivated. It is up to you how much you embrace the content in this course. You are encouraged to take the step in becoming self-reliant; engaging with the course content proactively.

YTTC is structured to prepare participants to be confident yoga teachers after graduation –

– Still_Move Yoga 600-hour YTTC graduates can apply for Level 1 Teacher membership with Yoga Australia. YTTC graduates, with additional study hours in some curriculum areas such as A&P, Yogic Physiology, plus additional years of Teaching Experience, can upgrade through the Teacher Levels of membership with Yoga Australia. Contact Yoga Australia for full details.

The Yoga Teacher Training Course is registered with the following yoga associations:

– Yoga Australia
– Iyengar Yoga Australia

Prospectus – Please request the Yoga Teacher Training Course-YTTC Prospectus via the Still_Move Yoga website’s contact page.

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