Zen Space Yoga Teacher Training 2024


Come on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness to enrich your life in many ways by enrolling in this high quality 350-hour Yoga Teacher Training/Yoga Immersion, endorsed by Yoga Australia, and managed by Wendy Reid.

Beginning in February and finishing in November 2024 your commitment is 1 weekend per month plus a 5-day retreat. Successful completion qualifies you as a fully registered and insured Level 1 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia. You can also take the course for your own personal enjoyment and deepening into the many aspects of yoga.

Located at Zen Space Studio in the surrounds of the Lifestyle Centre in beautiful Samford Valley (just 20kms from the Brisbane CBD), the course consists of 294 hours of direct contact with Wendy and guest teachers, and 56 hours of your own home practice and study.

This is taught mostly (85%) in-person in a group of 12 students. The remaining 15% of time is individual practice and study.

It is desirable that applicants have practiced yoga regularly for at least 1 year before commencing this course. If you commence this course to deepen your practice, this requirement is more flexible. The course is designed for each unique individual person, so there is no requirement for a particular level of fitness or ability to “do” yoga postures. Acceptance into the course is at the discretion of the course director.

Course Subjects

The course will cover the philosophical and spiritual heritage of yoga as well as the physical practice of asana you may be familiar with from your own yoga practice.

NOTE: you do not have to be ‘good’ at yoga, or strong or flexible to enrol. All you need is a deep interest and commitment to your own practice and self-enquiry.

Across the year we explore standing, seated, upside down, supine, and balancing shapes via forward bends, backbends, hip openers, lateral extensions, arm balances and inversions (90 hours in total).
Additionally, you will study:
• yogic history and philosophy and how to apply their moral and ethical teachings in modern day life.
• types of pranayama (breathing) and why, how, and when to use them.
• meditation techniques and their effect on your mind and body.
• ancient Ayurvedic principles for health and well-being and their modern-day applications.
• yogic physiology with an in-depth study of the chakras and other energy fields.
• western anatomy and physiology.
• teaching techniques – observation, voice awareness, language, communication, offering options, adjusting for injury and other needs.
• and much more!

Your Commitment

The Course comprises:
• 9 in-person weekends (dates below)
• 1 x 5-day retreat
• 1 hour per week home practice
• Two hours homework per month
• 1 free class per week with Wen (in-person or Zoom)
Wen Reid (pending Level 3 Yoga Teacher) will pilot the year and encourage and support you to challenge yourself physically and mentally, to know how and when to rest and take a break, to take responsibility for your own progress, and above all to enjoy the journey with fun and laughter!
Wen assisted Kate Pell in two 350-hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses in 2018 and 2019/2020, and in 2022 ran her first independent course under the mentorship of Kate. She expresses her deep gratitude to Kate for these rare opportunities that have seen almost 40 students successfully graduate.
Wen has post graduate qualifications in psychology and business, and a 15-year practice of nonviolent communication. She combines these with her yoga teaching resulting in style that is focused, empathic, accepting, inclusive and above all – fun!
Other highly qualified and experienced teachers will be invited to teach portions of the course.

Course Category
350hr Teacher Training courses
Zen Space Samford
Delivery Mode
In-person at School
Zen Space Samford
Venue Address
225 Mt Glorious Rd Samford Valley Brisbane, QLD 4520