Spinal Integrity in Yoga

In yoga, we know that a healthy spine supports a healthy mind because of the direct correlation between the primary nadi (Sushumna), the physical spine, and one’s emotional wellbeing. However, during practice many students may compromise their spine by either trying to muscle (drag) or passively collapse (drop) their body into unhealthy positions and depths that have little or no relationship with their spinal integrity.

In this course we'll explore simple and effective ways you can support your students in developing spinal awareness and integrity for a safer, more sustainable practice and improved wellbeing.

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Yoga Australia · 28 July 2023

‘Tadasana in every asana’ is a common phrase used in teaching yoga. But what does it actually mean? How do we relate to spinal integrity during our practice and how do we teach it, both physically and energetically?  
Understanding the wellbeing of the spine on both its physical and energetic levels will not only enhance your teaching knowledge, it will support your students’ awareness as you guide them in their practice. An integrated spine that is balanced in support of ‘sthira’ (strength) and sukha (openness) will bring further insight and longevity to one’s yoga journey. Supporting the spine and acknowledging it as our central structural underpin and energetic axis (sushumna) is the basic concept that relates to the common phrase of ‘find tadasana in every asana’. 
This CPD short course contains articles, videos and quotes. I invite you to immerse yourself in the subject, consuming the content thoroughly. Apply a reflective mode, where you might read an article prior to, or immediately after practice. I also invite you to keep a reflective journal to note your experiences as you engage progress through the course to support your learning experience. 

About the Teacher

Tamblyn Lord is a senior level instructor, teacher trainer, yoga mentor and meditation guide. For over 20 years he has been exploring the balance of all that yoga has to offer and serving others to help share his joy and curiosity for the body, mind, breath relationship. His teaching technique is strongly influenced around spinal integrity, breath integration and mindfulness. 

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