Supporting At-Risk Groups with Yoga 

Insights, practical tips and ideas for creating an appropriate and beneficial yoga practice for people who may have experienced trauma, mental health challenges, homelessness, addiction and disadvantage.

Yoga Australia · 16 August 2023

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The Yoga Foundation supports a range of people of all ages and stages, from teenagers who have experienced abuse, family violence and homelessness, to men and women recovering from complex trauma, addiction and serious mental health challenges.  We offer short- and long-term evaluated programs that provide tools and strategies to calm the nervous system and support recovery in a safe environment. 

Every week we learn from the participants of our programs; all people with a lived experience of trauma or mental ill health, and therefore ‘experts by experience’. The most valuable thing we can do is to listen to the participants and understand from them what they need, how and why. This enables us to create an optimal experience that is truly beneficial and enables ongoing healing. We are always curious and open minded when it comes to our yoga programs; the participant is at the heart of the experience. If we are not listening to the people closest to the problems we seek to solve, our impact will be limited.

There are a great deal of resources and trainings on trauma informed practice and this course is not designed to replace training. It is designed to bring you closer to the people you may be seeking to support through yoga and develop your understanding of their needs and how best to respond to them.

In this course we are sharing information from experts by experience, our own evaluations and experience, current research and subject matter experts that include social workers and psychologists.

About the Facilitator

The Yoga Foundation is a leading not-for-profit providing research-based programs to support the mental health of at-risk groups. We have worked closely with people with a lived experience of trauma and mental ill health since 2009 and delivered impactful programs to thousands of people to support their healing and recovery.

Read more about The Yoga Foundation here.

2 CPD points will be automatically allocated to your dashboard on completion of this course.

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