The Modern Science of Pain 

Learn about recent advances in the understanding of pain. Yoga can assist with the management of both acute and chronic pain, and the potential for relief of chronic pain by establishing some regular yogic practices.

Yoga Australia · 9 May 2023

Effective pain care involves more than just healing tissues of the body – it’s about providing support and care for the individual when pain persists. While managing pain can be important, there are situations where it’s possible to change the experience of pain instead. However, achieving this change can require time, persistence, compassion, and courage. 

This course contains articles, videos and quotes. It is advisable to immerse yourself in the subject, consuming the content thoroughly. Apply a reflective mode, where you might read an article prior to, or immediately after practice. Keep a reflective journal to note your experiences as you engage with the material throughout this subject. Quotes are accompanied by an extract of the text. Articles and book extracts are provided for student study material only and comply with copyright laws. Take the time to engage deeply with the extracts provided or go to the text and read the passage more extensively. 

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