Yoga Vasistha: Non Duality in Daily Life

In this short course Josh moves through a lecture exploring the concept of non-duality with reference to the important yogic text Yoga Vasistha.

Yoga is both a state and a means to that state. According to the Yoga Vasistha, yoga is nonduality, and this state can be attained while living a human life of duality. By assuming the state of nonduality as best as one can in any moment, actions performed are of greater import and fairness to the world. When actions are taken in this manner, the normal operation of karma is suspended and the yogi is freed from illusion in this life, and liberated from the cycle of compulsory death and rebirth.

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Josh · 11 January 2024

About the Teacher

This course is adapted from a speech delivered by CEO of Yoga Australia, Josh Pryor, in December 2023 at the United Consciousness Conclave in Ujjain, India.

In addition to his work with Yoga Australia, Josh is a Registered Level 3 Teacher and author. Josh has held a fascination for metaphysics and philosophy since a young age. His approach is light-hearted and undeniably enthusiastic, encouraging practitioners to reimagine limitations of the physical body, translating into clear vision and altered states of awareness.

Entwined with the spiritual process, Josh also works as a specialist in business management, systems analysis, IT and marketing. He is an experienced commercial negotiator and has worked with a number of small and large organisations over the last 20 years, supporting the growth and efficiency of many not for profits as well as private sector companies.

More than ever and as much as ever, the urgent requirement of yoga and spirituality is a reconciliation and path forward on matters such as cultural appropriation, commercialism and materialism, the preservation of legitimate knowledge, and the imperative to increase awareness of the non-dual state amongst mankind, so that joy and harmony may be enjoyed by all beings.

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