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350hr Pranaa Yoga Teacher Training

March 22, 2023 @ 8:30 AM December 4, 2024 @ 5:00 PM AWST

A Prana based yoga practice – merging form & formless 

Become a skilful and qualified yoga teacher confidently guiding your students into both the physical & spiritual dimensions of yoga.
About The Training.

Join our well sort after yoga teacher training course experiencing quality, in-depth & professional training that is unique, inspiring and powerfully transformative.

Our very loved and unique Pranaa Yoga is a versatile style of yoga that bridges so beautifully a deep physical practice, in combination with an inspiring enquiry into the Higher Self through the awakening of consciousness, connecting to Prana (energy) and one’s soul path.

Learn how to unravel the understanding & rudiments of the physical postures in their technique, alignment, sequencing, building themes, modifications, adjustments & theory. This is so carefully balanced with guiding you into the inner dimension of yoga where an underlying spirituality is tapped into. Here are a rich tapestry of tools such as breath work, consciousness, energy cultivation, soul contact and invocation to the Divine merge together. This course will give you a solid foundation where you can confidently & skilfully teach yoga with a special Presence that is unique & recognisable!

This training is offered as a Certificate Course registered with Yoga Australia and held over the duration of 12 months part time inclusive of 350 hours. For more in depth information please download our 28page comprehensive Prospectus at the bottom of the page.

Key Benefits.

+ Be part of an inspiring yoga teacher training in Pranaa Yoga that is filled with a rich and vast knowledge of yoga, meditation, dance, energy healing and spiritual connection

+ Deepen your understanding and experiential knowing of yoga where you can transform your relationship with life

+ Be mentored directly by Julie Gargano, creator of Pranaa Yoga & Founder of Prana House 2006-2022

+ Learn correct alignment, technique and theory behind the practice of yoga poses

+ Learn the art of sequencing poses and working thematically

+ Learn how to still the fluctuations of mind and enter the present moment

+ Learn how to tap into source energy/the unified field of consciousness where you can access higher dimensions of Being

+ Learn powerful tools for personal transformation and live your life with greater purpose

+ Learn from exceptional highly trained & experienced senior level yoga teachers with 20 plus years experience

+ Learn how to effectively connect and teach from both the outer (physical) & inner (spiritual) dimensions of yoga where you can be balanced and integrative in your approach

+ Receive a 250 page Pranaa Yoga Teacher Training manual with all the teachings of Pranaa Yoga

+ Receive a guided meditation set created by Julie Gargano for daily connection to Source

+ Certify as a yoga teacher under a professional and well established course registered with Yoga Australia

+ Be part of our spirited yoga movement of Pranaa Yoga; raising consciousness and bringing in more light & healing to humanity

Course Curriculum.

+ Asana

+ Meditation

+ Subtle Energy Body Development

+ Yogic Physiology & Energy Cultivation

+ Invocation & Spiritual Attunement

+ Technique & Physical alignment

+ Anatomy & Physiology

+ Teaching Methodologies

+ Integrative Practice & Teaching

+ Yogic Philosophy based on Pantajali’s 8 Limbed Yoga

+ Women’s Yoga

+ Professional Practice & Self Care

+ Mentoring

+ Business Management

+ First Aid

P R A N A A  Y O G A  – E m b o d y i n g  L i g h t  Th r o u g h  Y o g a

What is Pranaa Yoga?

Pranaa Yoga is a style of yoga that has naturally evolved over 20 plus years to form a style that reflects Julie Gargano’s lifetime of dedication and training in yoga, meditation, dance & the esoteric healing arts. Merging and distilling the best of each of them, Julie magically weaves a tapestry of powerful traditions creating a unique practice that seamlessly integrates a rich exploration of both the physical & spiritual dimensions of yoga.

Inspired by the foundations & grace of classical ballet, discipline & technical understanding of Iyengar Yoga, meditation in motion of Amrit Yoga, Pranic Healing, Yoga Nidra, in synchronicity with her deep heartfelt devotional connection to the mystical & celestial through the higher teachings of Ascended Masters of Light.

The practice expresses quality in all of it’s facets of being deep, connected, slow, strong, powerful, intelligent, technical, fluid, graceful, present, energetically plugged into the source, heart opening, soul awakening and tapping into one’s full divine potential through the 5th dimensional experience. 

Meet the Creator.

Julie Gargano is the principle teacher & creator of Pranaa Yoga. She is registered as a Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and shares with you over 20 years experience and has established her unique style called Pranaa Yoga.

Julie Gargano is considered a rare gem in this fast growing yoga industry with her uncompromising commitment to stay true to the purity of the teachings of yoga. She skillfully manages to deliver the original teachings of yoga within a creative contemporary platform which engages her students to commit wholeheartedly to the transformational experience.

Julie is highly intuitively and can easily access layers beyond the surface and with an honest yet kind manner nurtures her students into powerful clearer versions of themselves. Her particular strength is in establishing a palpable energy field in which you merge into and are easily transported to finer states of Being.

“Julie’s teaching is amazing, it comes with such a depth of knowledge and experience, with a great attention to all aspects of the practice” — Rachel Wilson


EMAIL :  training@juliegargano.com

WEBSITE : –  www.juliegargano.com

PHONE : 0425 746 209






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