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500 hour Hatha Yoga Method Teacher Training

July 1, 2023 @ 8:30 AM July 1, 2024 @ 5:00 PM AWST

The Hatha Yoga Method
Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training 

18 June 2022 – 17 June 2023

The Haṭha Yoga Method is a potent integration of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and yogic living. It is the synthesis of a combined 65 years yogic study, practice and teaching experience developed by Kookaburra Yoga founders and directors Mandy BeckerKnox and Robert Becker who have enduring links with modern yogic masters and mystics.

The Hatha Yoga Method combines the best of the wisdom traditions of yoga with modern mindfulness, neuroscience, yogic psychology, Ayurveda, connection to nature, and traditional and modern approaches to asana biomechanics and movement. Combined, this is powerfully transformative and healing on every level, and translates into accessible and uplifting classes you’ll be empowered to teach and share.

This 12 month program is registered with Yoga Australia at 500 hours, and is designed to take you on an educational and experiential journey through the yogic traditions from ancient to modern-day.  The training takes place at Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre in the Perth hills, Western Australia and is led by Mandy BeckerKnox and Robert Becker. The centre is beautiful and spacious in the heart of nature. Surrounded by trees and extensive food gardens you’ll be introduced to a yogic way of life, living and learning harmoniously, close to nature. 

There is the option to attend all or part of the program online as all sessions are live-streamed, recorded and available online for the duration of the course. You’ll connect with your peers and community through our integrated zoom sessions and in our online community forum. For those who live outside of Perth there is the option to stay with us onsite during any/all of the modules for a small additional fee.

Over 12 months there are 11 weekend workshops, a 5 day retreat, weekly online studio/zoom classes (led by lead trainers & students), a 30 hour online course in yoga anatomy; 5 live-streamed yoga anatomy workshops, self-study comprised of reading and written assignments to complete at home; a private mentoring sessions prior to your teaching practicum to ensure you are empowered and equipped to teach and a mentoring session for your personal and professional development. There are 500+ hours of training and study, including 360 contact hours and 180 non-contact hours comprised of self-study, assignments and home practice.

By incorporating traditional, esoteric and practical, modern approaches you’ll learn to become a well-rounded, joyful practitioner of yoga and meditation, a master of your mind and emotions, and to teach and share with a diverse audience with integrity, intelligence and ease. Regardless of the ‘style’ of yoga you come to teach, your classes will be grounded in an ancient, enduring and embodied wisdom.

On completion of this course you’ll be well versed in the wisdom traditions of yoga, and an adept practitioner of asana, meditation, mantra and pranayama. You’ll graduate from this training an assured, confident teacher capable of supporting and inspiring others, with a supportive community of like-minded students and teachers who share the journey with you. You’ll graduate with the knowledge, confidence, resources, practical skills and authorisation to teach the Hatha Yoga Method beginners programs Absolute Beginners Yoga Course and the Introduction to Meditation Course, and develop your own unique style of delivery to teach classes to students in your own community.

The training is led by Mandy and Robert who have a lifetime of lived and teaching yogic experience. Mandy is registered with Yoga Australia as a Senior Teacher which is significant as only teachers recognised as having 1,000+ hours of training and 10,000+ teaching hours are eligible to provide Teacher Training Programs accredited with Yoga Australia.  

The Hatha Yoga Method teacher training is registered with Yoga Australia and you’ll meet the requirement to register as a Level 1 Teacher (350 hours training, 1 year experience) immediately upon graduation. If you are currently teaching and already have 4 years experience then you can register as a Level 2 teacher (500 hours training, 5 years experience). This helps you gain insurance, industry credibility, eligibility for a higher wage, and employability. You also receive ongoing professional development opportunities and professional and peer support. You can be confident this training meets the educational and ethical standards of Yoga Australia and will position you as a well rounded industry professional.

Who this training for

The Hatha Yoga Method Training is for anyone with an interesting in developing their yogic knowledge as a practitioner first, and then applying this knowledge as a professional yoga and mediation teacher or within any area or field of work. 

This training is suitable for anyone who has at least 12 months experience attending yoga classes or practicing themselves. It is also suitable for anyone who has already completed a 200 hour teacher training and wishes to build on what they may have learnt previously, and may be added to training hours to become eligible to become a level 2 teacher (500 hours training/5 years teaching experience).

What you gain
  • Real skills – Practical skills and knowledge for your own personal development to positively transform your inner and outer world and to draw upon throughout your life.
  • Wisdom – An embodied and applied understanding of the full spectrum of yoga practices: asana, pranayama, meditation, mantras and more.
  • Confidence – Firm foundation of knowledge and skills to confidently teach and share yoga and meditation to people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.
  • Leadership – The natural authority and leadership which comes from an in-depth education and applied. experience
  • Support – The resources and support to immediately teach the Hatha Yoga Method Beginners Courses which include Absolute Beginners Yoga and An Introduction to Meditation.
  • Community – You’ll make new friends and a caring, supportive network to support your yoga journey forwards.
  • Qualification – You will receive a teaching certificate enabling you to teach yoga and meditation anywhere in the world, and gain industry standard insurance.
  • Credibility – On graduation you will be eligible to register as a Level 1 Teacher with Yoga Australia. After an additional 150 hours of post-graduate training and 5 years of teaching experience you can progress to Level 2.

  • study locally and directly with senior teachers with a combined 60+ years experience.
  • 540 hours of learning, most of which is with your senior teachers over 12 months.
  • peaceful learning environment – a stunning studio in natural bush setting in the Perth hills.
  • An opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skillset, and practically integrate the teachings into your own practice.
  • Connect with a community of sincere yoga practitioners and teachers.​​
  • Professional and unique in-depth program structure comprised of:
  • 11 monthly weekend workshops supported by online learning platform.
  • Online option. Everything is live-streamed and recorded for those who can’t attend in person due to distance, illness, or in the event of Covid related disruptions.
  • A 5 day retreat at Kookaburra Creek comprised of Modules 10 and 111. The retreat is your opportunity to experience the joy of learning in sangha (community), experiencing a yogic lifestyle, daily routine and diet.
  • 30 hours of dynamic anatomy online with Jean Campbell supported by 5 x 2 hour functional anatomy workshops.
  • Learn to teach live. Weekly Wednesday evening student-led supervised classes delivered in-studio at Kookaburra Creek, and live-streamed.
  • 2 x personalised coaching sessions to vision, overcome obstacles, realise your potential and manifest your dreams.

Program Structure

Instudio and/or online

The Hatha Yoga Method Teacher Training is comprised of 11 weekend workshops, which are delivered monthly, a 5 day residential retreat over the Easter long weekend, Wednesday evening classes, private mentoring and Saturday morning anatomy sessions. There is the option of attending in-person at the studio in the Perth hills, or by joining the live-stream via Zoom from your home. Attending all modules and classes (either in-studio or by Zoom) is required to graduate. All modules are recorded and if you miss a session you can catch up online. The course is hosted on our professional online learning platform and includes a private community forum to connect with your fellow teacher trainees, much like social media, but without the distraction!

Weekend Workshops

Each weekend module includes 3-4 lectures (see Learning Areas), facilitated discussion, guided practice, and practical workshops to apply the knowledge. There are workshops and sessions to practice and teach asana, pranayama, various forms of meditation, mantra, bandha, yoga nidra, guided relaxations, kriyas, chanting and other yogic practices in a sequential way building on knowledge and skill as the course progresses. The practices shared are linked to the topics and theoretical material presented as outlined in the Learning Areas.

Easter Residential Retreat

Modules 10 and 11 are part of a residential teacher training immersion to be held at Kookaburra Creek over the Easter long weekend (Thursday evening – Monday afternoon). In-person attendance at the residential retreat is strongly encouraged even if you have opted to do the course online. You have the option of staying onsite in shared accommodation (limited to 12 places) or camping onsite, or if you prefer you can attend the retreat daily staying offsite in your own accommodation. The retreat is from 5pm on Thursday and ends 2pm on Monday. Other days are 6.30am-9.30pm with a rest period and breaks during the day. Meals are catered and vegan, gluten-free (or you can choose to bring your own). This retreat replicates an ashram experience, and is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in all you have learnt without everyday responsibilities and distractions

Graduation & Dinner

Graduation Ceremony with certificates issued, sharing, gift-giving, Havan Fire Ceremony and Dinner. We have a professional photographer onsite to take a lovely group photo and individual portrait which you may use to promote yourself as a teacher going forward. 

Dynamic Anatomy

Our anatomy expert Jean Campbell has developed a practical and simplified approach to anatomy developed over 25 years of study, practice and teaching. Jean will provide a thorough and engaging education in anatomy and physiology as it applies to yoga through her online learning platform www.dynamicanatomycourses.com combined with five 2 hour interactive live-streamed Zoom sessions. Jean is based in Sydney and is a dedicated yoga and anatomy educator and has also been associated with Svastha Yoga and the Mohans for many years. There is an emphasis on the practical application of anatomy as it relates to our practice of yoga, and to our teaching of yoga asana to ensure our instruction is appropriate, safe and relevant. The course complements the overall training, helping you integrate and comprehend the most practical aspects of anatomy study. There are 16 modules focussing on a different part of the body, discussing bones, joints, ranges of motion, muscles and possible reasons for muscular imbalance, restrictions and pain. Principles of injury prevention are presented in a concise and practical manner – meaning that you will be able to apply this knowledge immediately into your own yoga practice and teaching. At the commencement of the training you will be given access to www.dynamicanatomycourses.com where you will complete the 30 hour level 1 course. You’ll have a year to complete the program and will be assigned units to complete each month. In addition to this you will have five 2 hour sessions with Jean which are live-streamed over Zoom. 

Supervised Teaching

7pm-8pm Wednesday evenings. You’ll gain live teaching experience! Attend in studio or online from home. Each teacher trainee will design and teach a supervised class at the studio and online via zoom for fellow teacher trainees. Prior to teaching your class you will have a one-to-one mentoring session to receive guidance and advice, learn to market and promote your class online and gain studio experience teaching to students in person and online. There will be some weeks where the facilitators and guest teachers lead the Wednesday classes to ensure you have plenty of practical guidance and opportunities for integration of practices and concepts learnt during the weekend modules. The Wednesday evening calendar will be established once the training commences. It is likely to be a commitment of 2-3 Wednesdays per month. If you can’t attend live you can watch the replay.

Self-study & Assignments

Every month there is reading to do at home and assignments to complete. Assignments are set each month and explore the themes and source texts more deeply and are designed to be completed sequentially. These vary each month and may include short essays, writing a story/parable, designing classes and yoga sequences, recording meditations, drawing infographics, designing your daily routine, writing a business plan and more. Support and guidance is given to help structure and craft these. We also organise optional Study Groups during the training generally on a Monday or Saturday morning instudio (and live-streamed). No need to worry if you don’t consider yourself a writer or an artist, support is given to help develop these skills which is an important part of becoming a discerning, critical thinker and articulate, confident communicator across varying mediums. There are also monthly online quizzes following each Module which are a blend of multiple choice and short answer questions to complete – to ensure integration of theoretical material. 

The time commitment is significant. To really get the most from the course you will need to dedicate at least 4 hours a week to self-study and completing course work. No need to worry if you don’t quite get everything done on time – you will have access to all the course materials online including video lectures and the anatomy program for an extra year following the training, and if needed you have this extra 12 months to complete the coursework and graduate. There is also the option to graduate with a lesser qualification (300 Hour Certificate – see criteria below).

Practice & Reflect

Following each Module students are expected to practice what was learnt at home over the month. Practices will include asanas, mudras, pranayama, meditation, mantra, chanting. Each month students will complete and submit a ‘Monthly Reflection’ which is essentially a chronicle of your practices and study completed, obstacles faced, and any insights gained along the way.


The program content is delivered in 10 sequential modules which each integrate theory and practice. You’ll learn the asana, pranayama, meditation, mudras and mantras relevant to each topic, building on knowledge, technique, practice and teaching methods over 12 months.

Module 1
An Introduction to the World of Yoga; Opening the door to a new way of being
Session 1: Welcome & Introduction
Session 2: The World of Yoga
Session 3: The Hatha Yoga Method – foundations of an holistic practice
Session 4: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the 8 Limbs of Yoga

Module 2
The story of yoga: from ancient to modern; east to west.
Session 1: A History of Yoga: from ancient to modern, east to west.
Session 2: Yoga masters, mystics, their lineages and methods
Session 3: An ethical foundation: Yamas and Niyamas
Session 4: Yoga of the sun, moon; harnessing the innate energies within​

Module 3
Finding your own true north
Session 1: Kriya Yoga: tapas, svadhyaya, and devotion.
Session 2: Ishta Devata – finding your inner guide, choosing a mantra and cultivating a pracitce
Session 3: Mystery and Science of the Breath. Pranayama and Prana Vayus.
Session 4: Sounds of Sanskrit – language of the mystics, sages and universe

Module 4
The yoga of Krishnamacharya. Personalising and Teaching Yoga
Session 1: The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and modern yoga asana.
Session 2: Yoga for everybody: teaching yoga as appropriate to the individual. Session 3: The class arc: how to structure a yoga class.
Cues, props and adjustments to help, support, heal, and not cause harm.
Session 4: Trauma Informed Yoga & Communication

Module 5
Journey of the self to the Self
Session 1: Samkhya: Story of Creation, the Universe and the Self =
Session 2: The Taittitreya Upanishad – Koshas: the multi-dimensional self.
Session 3: Concept of the Subtle Body – from body, mind to soul. The ‘self’ from the perspectives of Bhagavad Gita and The Yoga Sutras.
Session 4: The Yoga Body – yogic, tantric  and Ayurvedic perspectives of the body

Module 6 
Yogic Meditation – Yoga and the Mind
Session 1: Yogic meditation. Yoga and the Brain.
Session 2: The higher limbs of yoga. Unlocking the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras through chanting and meditation.
Session 3: Vrittis, Samskara, Vasana and Sankalpa
Session 4: The kleshas, and overcoming obstacles on the path to happiness –  applying kriya yoga.
Session 5: Yoga Nidra and Brain waves

Module 7
The Subtle Self and Yoga of Sound
Session 1: Mantra Yoga 
Session 2: Nada Yoga – the yoga of sound
Session 3:  Sanskrit and the Subtle Body, Chakras, Nadis, Life Force and Bija Mantras
Session 4: Laya Yoga: chakras, mantra, and the yoga of subtle sound

Module 8
Buddhi Mind. Wisdom, Creativity and Flow
Session 1: Western and yogic psychology. The concept of consciousness in the east and west. The mysticism of Carl Jung.
Session 2: Who Am I? The yoga of self enquiry. Ramana Maharshi the great sage of Advaita Vedanta.
Session 3: The Mandukya Upanishad: states of consciousness and the meditation journey.
Session 2: The Bhagavad Gita and the Hero’s Journey. Accessing creative inspiration.

Module 9
Modern Yoga Asana
Session 1: Early Modern Yoga
Session 2: Evolution of Modern Yoga
Session 3: Modern Yoga Styles
Session 4: Pranayama Workshop

Module 10 Easter Retreat
Yogic Living
Session 1: the authentic teacher: living what you teach
Session 2: yogic sadhana: your personal practice
Session 3:  yogic living, food and the yogic diet
Session 4: dinacharya: designing your daily routine to support your life, health and wellbeing
Evening story telling, fire ceremonies, yoga nidra. Early morning meditations.

Module 11 Easter Retreat
Blue Ocean visioning – for Personal & Professional Transformation
Session 1:  becoming wise: applying yogic knowledge to transform your mind, body, heart.
Session 2: ishvara pranidhana: awakening devotion in a material world
Session 3: sharing your light: finding, communicating and presenting your passion
Session 4: the yogic visionary: dreaming your life purpose into being. Workshop a business/life plan using our Blue Ocean template

Module 12 Into the World
Blue Ocean visioning – for Personal & Professional Transformation
Session 2: the four paths of Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita: Karma Yoga: path of the peaceful warrior. Karma, Dharma and making a difference. Jnana Yoga: embodying wisdom, becoming wise. Raja Yoga: taking the high road to peace. The Bhakti Yoga: Mantra, Music, Love for the Divine.
Session 3: The business of yoga. Accountability, Continuing Education and Conduct. Processes, procedures, finance, accountability.
Session 4: Blue Sky Mind. Marketing methods, ethics and influence. Being you in a crowded world. How to be a success in any field.
Session 5: Teaching Methods: HYM Absolute Beginners Yoga Course & Intro to Meditation Course.
Graduation Day & Celebration
Session 1: Final Words & Reflections
Session 2: Graduation Ceremony
Havan Fire Ceremony & Dinner

The trainers, lineage, venue
Hatha Yoga Method founders and teachers
Robert Becker

Robert was initiated into yoga in Cape Town, South Africa by his Guru Swami Venkatesananda of the Sivananda lineage at the age of 20. He has dedicated his life to teaching and sharing traditional yoga and built and founded Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre in 1998. Robert has a Masters degree in Social Work and works professionally in the field. He is known for the depth of his yogic and vedantic knowledge, his astute wisdom, gentle guidance and sense of fun.

Robert has been practising and teaching yoga for over 36 years in South Africa, Mauritius, India and Australia. Robert was initiated into yoga and meditation at the age of 20 by his Diksha Guru HH Sri Swami Venkatesanandaji Maharaj of the Sivananda tradition, Rishikesh and was given the spiritual name Narayan. Robert spent many years practising intensively living in ashrams and travelling in India before settling into family life.

In the 1990s Robert built the Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre in honour of his Guru which he co-directs with Mandy, with whom he shares the spiritual journey.  The centre has been blessed by some great souls (Mahatmas) over the past twenty years. Sri Swami Ramakrishna of the Amritanandamayi Mission has visited a number of times, Sri Somanatha Maharishi of Hyderabad introduced the centre to Mano Yoga.

Robert teaches a dynamic style of Integral Hatha Yoga based on the tradition of Patanjali’s Raja Yoga. Asanas and Pranayama are used to guide aspirants seeking a deeper experience of meditation.

Robert has a Masters degree in Psychiatric Social Work and is a skillful life coach and group facilitator. He worked professionally in the field before integrating his professional expertise with yogic life, and strives to integrate a working life in the world with a love of yoga and meditation and the responsibilities of being a householder, husband and father. This is the challenge many face today, spiritualising day to day life.

Mandy BeckerKnox

Mandy is a Senior Yoga teacher registered with Yoga Australia and a lead trainer. She was initiated into yoga at the age of 20 and has practiced and taught since then. She has studied with renowned masters, and spent a lifetime learning, integrating and sharing. She is a natural leader and in her professional life was an Editor, Designer and recently CEO of a healthcare not-for-profit organisation. Mandy is deeply committed to creating safe and sacred spaces for participants to experience the wonders of yoga – both at Kookaburra and on retreats around the world.

Mandy has studied and practiced yoga since 1990 when she was twenty years old in both India and Australia. She has taught yoga for over twenty years in Perth, India, and on international retreats.

Over this time she has had the great privilege of travelling to India many times for extended periods studying directly with teachers and masters of yoga. Mandy’s primary influences and long-term mentors are A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan of the Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda, Chennai. Mandy continues to study closely with the Mohans. In addition to this Mandy has studied yoga with:

  • Senior teachers of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai
  • Swami Maharshi Somanatha of Somanatha Kshetram, Hyderabad
  • Swami Krishnananda of the Sivananda tradition, Divine Life Society, Rishikesh 

When young, Mandy was a resident in the following ashrams and spiritual centres:

  • Ananda Marga, Bihar
  • Divine Life Society (Sivananda Yoga), Rishikesh
  • Anandamayi Ma Ashram, Haridwar

Mandy is certified (by Svastha Yoga) to teach Hatha Yoga, has also studied Ayurveda at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine. Mandy has undertaken additional teacher training in Yin Yoga and is certified (by Jo Phee) to teach Yin.  

Mandy considers being still in nature to be the greatest of all spiritual teachers, and seeks out inspiration through immersions in the sublime landscapes of this wondrous planet.

Mandy’s yoga journey has been an integration of these teachings over time and deep personal experience. Her teaching style is practical, relevant and spiritual – with an emphasis on a safe and meaningful practice which leads students towards health of the body and peace of mind. The breath is fundamental to Hatha Yoga and is emphasised in Mandy’s classes for the healing benefit dedicated breathing practices bring.

Mandy has developed comprehensive courses, programs, manuals and teacher trainings for all levels of students and is particularly focussed on nurturing absolute beginners – ensuring those new to yoga receive a comprehensive introduction to the often misrepresented teachings of yoga.

Professionally, Mandy has a BA in English, is a qualified Graphic Designer with a career spanning decades in evolving roles which included working as a writer, editor, graphic designer, publishing and mass communications specialist, communications manager, and most recently as Chief Executive Officer of a health organisation for 5 years. Mandy is an inspiring, highly regarded leader. She brings together her creativity, love of organising, and passion for yoga to create and deliver Kookaburra’s yoga, retreat and teacher training programs.

Mandy’s personal practice and the integration of the wisdom teachings of yoga inform every aspect of her life, and have been a guiding influence through the challenges and joys of raising a family and professional life.

Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre

The training and retreat takes place at Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre which is a purpose-built yoga studio located in  Bedfordale, in the hills of Perth, 40 minutes from the CBD and Fremantle on 10 acres of natural bushland. The building is made from natural wood and glass according to Vastu Shastra design principles and is a space dedicated to yoga, meditation and healing. Robert and Mandy own and direct the centre.

Kookaburra Yoga

Kookaburra Yoga’s integrated system of Hatha and Raja Yoga ensures the practices are holistic and beneficial on every level of being. Kookaburra Yoga’s classes at Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre and on our retreat programs are informed by both the traditional teachings and modern approaches ensuring they are relevant, accessible and safe for all levels of practitioners. Hatha Yoga classes are often the starting point for many people who may eventually enquire into the more meaningful and spiritual paths of yoga. 

About A.G. Mohan, Indra Mohan and Svastha Yoga

Both Mandy and Robert are certified by Svastha Yoga to teach the Hatha Yoga of Krishnamacharya and have special permission from A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan to teach and share all they have learnt from these master teachers over fourteen years.

The greatest influence on yoga in modern times was undoubtedly the legendary 20th century yogi, Sri T. Krishnamacharya – a master of yoga, scholar of all Indian philosophies and a healer of repute. Krishnamacharya is widely considered the ‘father’ of modern yoga, having taught the world’s most influential teachers and shaping yoga as we know it today.

A. G. Mohan is one of the senior and highly regarded most yoga masters alive now, and a direct link to the authentic yoga traditions. A. G. Mohan continues to study, practice, and teach. He was a personal student of Sri T. Krishnamacharya for 18 years from 1971 to 1989. With his wife, Indra, he originated the Svastha organisation in Chennai, India. Svastha has an international presence with programs around the world, and is an authoritative and accessible source of authentic yoga and Ayurveda. They offer training on yoga, yoga therapy. mindfulness, mind and body well-being, and related areas, combining the best of ancient wisdom and  modern science.

Indra Mohan has been practicing and teaching yoga for more than three decades. She is one of the few people who received a post-graduate diploma in yoga from Krishnamacharya. Known for her serene demeanour, she is a source of support and wisdom to her many personal students.

A.G. Mohan is the lead author of several books by the Mohan family, some of which are used as essential and recommended reading on this yoga teaching training program and other programs around the world.

Key Dates & Costs

Info Session & Morning Tea  

instudio & online.10.00am-12pm Sat 23 April. Book Now

apply by 1st May. Recipients announced 10th May. Apply

Weekend Modules
Saturdays 10am-6pm
& Sundays 9am-5pm
in-studio or online
Module 1: 18,19 June 2022
Module 2: 16, 17 July 2022
Module 3: 13, 14 August 2022
Module 4: 10, 11 Sept 2022
Module 5: 8, 9 Oct 2022
Module 6: 12, 13 Nov 2022
Mid-year Review: 10, 11 Dec 22
Module 7: 14, 15 January 23
Module 8: 18, 19 February 23
Module 9: 18, 19 March 23
Module 12: 19, 21 May 2023.  

5 Day Easter Retreat
Modules 10 & 11: 6-10 April 2023
5pm Thurs – 2pm Monday.

Online Anatomy Workshops
Saturdays 8am-10am: 7 Aug, 2 Oct, 4 Dec, 5 Feb, 2 April.

Practicum – student-led classes
1 Sept 2021 – 1 May 2023  Wednesday evenings 7pm-8pm.  Instudio & via Zoom. Private mentoring session week prior.

Private Mentoring 
Instudio or Zoom. 1 hour session scheduled April-May 23.

Graduation Day & Dinner
17 June 2023 Saturday 2pm-8pm

• $5400 total tuition fee
• $450 non-refundable deposit payable on application
• Pay in full by 10 May for early-bird discount $200.
• 6, 9, 12 or 18 month payment plans available (additional $100).

Retreat Costs  
+$200 venue fee – shared room
+$100 venue fee – camp onsite
+$0 – stay offsite
+ $320 All meals mentioned below
+$30pm Dinner Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
+$20pm Breakfast Fri, Sat, Su, Mo
+$30pm Lunch Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon
​+$0 provide your own meals

• 11 Weekend Workshops (instudio + online options)
• 5 Day Retreat (see separate accommodation/food costs)
• Bi-weekly Wednesday evening trainee led classes from 1 Sept
​• 2 private coaching sessions
• Online Dynamic Anatomy with Jean Campbell 
• 5 online functional anatomy workshops
• Huge amount of written, audio and video resources to keep forever
• Private teacher trainee community forum
• Access to Online Learning Platform and all content for 24 months
• An extra year to complete coursework if needed.


12 months yoga experience is required to participate in this training program. This can be through attending classes in person or online, learning from a teacher or through books and other resources.

This is an inclusive training program and we welcome applications from anyone who has a strong interest in furthering their yogic knowledge, applying this knowledge in their life and work, or becoming a yoga or meditation teacher. Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre has wheelchair and disability access. There are two subsidised places offered on this training program. You can apply for these through the Scholarship Program as part of the application process.

Application Process

To apply for a position in the Hatha Yoga Method Teacher Training Program complete the application form at https://www.kookaburrayoga.com/yoga-meditation-teacher-training.html

There is a $450 non refundable application fee/deposit. Once accepted into the training you will be invoiced for the balance, and can choose to pay upfront to receive a $200 discount, or will have the option of paying over a 6, 9 or 12 month period.


We believe yoga is relevant and should be accessible for all. We are offering two scholarships (to the value of $4,400 of the course fee. A balance of $1000 + any retreat costs payable over 12 months. This includes a $450 deposit/application fee). To qualify you will be a long term and sincere student of yoga and have need of financial assistance to attend this training. Scholarships awarded on the 1st May. A $450 application fee applies. If you are not nominated as a scholarship recipient and choose not to proceed with training this fee will be returned to you. You can apply for a scholarship as part of the application process.

A$5400 $200 earlybird discount if paid by 1st May. Flexible payment plans also available.


July 1 @ 8:30 AM AWST
July 1, 2024 @ 5:00 PM AWST
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