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CPD17 Yoga Therapy Foundations with Leanne Davis (November 29 – December 2, 2024)

October 2, 2023 @ 8:30 AM October 2, 2024 @ 5:00 PM

Yoga Therapy Foundational Training is for everyone wanting to take their yoga teaching further or for those who wish to become yoga therapists. Learn from Leanne Davis how to structure the delivery of seeing a client, taking an entire client history and assessment. You will study yoga therapy course planning and sequencing throughout this foundational course under the traditional viniyoga therapy model.

This four-day course is compulsory for all students studying Biyome’s Yoga Therapy Training and is delivered either via Livestream or Face to Face.
Yoga Therapy Foundational Training is for everyone wanting to take their yoga teaching further or for those who wish to become yoga therapists.

Leanne Davis (Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture) has spent 40 years continuously working and studying in eastern health sciences, including internships and training in Chinese hospitals and yoga therapy centres in India. Leanne is a Member of the expert advisory panel for the Australian Government’s Natural Therapies Review, a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) certification committee, a member of the council for teachers for Yoga New Zealand, a council of advisor with Yoga Australia and has 33 years of yoga teaching and private practice experience.

Over the duration of this whole four-day intensive, you will broaden your mind and understand the true origins of Yoga whilst also bringing this into a modern-day one-to-one or clinical setting. The course design offers you fundamental structure and complete confidence in your ability to develop programming as a yoga therapist, with a strong focus on course planning and sequencing for the individual. The course follows a structured and traditional healing paradigm, teaching you how to deliver a Yoga therapy program with an ongoing review.

You will learn how to perform observation (Darshana), perform palpation (sparshana), questioning (Prashna), touch (Sparshana), including basic pulse assessment, (Nadi Vignan).

Over the duration of your training, you will come to understand the appropriate application of Heyam, Hetu, Hanam and Upayam on various levels and dimensions: exploring the root cause of the problem (Heyam-Hetu) before deciding collaboratively what the goal of the practice is (Hanum) and what the actual Yoga therapy practice (Upayam).

Yoga Therapy is defined by the governing body, Yoga Australia, as ‘the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through applying the teachings and practices of Yoga.’

We highly encourage you to embark upon this long-held traditional form of healing.

Definition of Yoga Therapy: https://www.yogaaustralia.org.au/about-us/registered-yoga-therapist/

What You Will Learn

  • Yoga Therapy Program Design and Review
  • Knowledge of the application of the 8 limbs of Yoga
  • Interpret assessment findings as a Yoga Therapist
  • Orderly sequencing of practices and Vinyasa Krama
  • Applying an appropriate range of therapeutic interventions
  • Developing multiple goals and knowing how to progress a course.
  • Why do we course plan?
  • Sutra references from 8 limbs
  • Vyuha model: heya (the symptoms), hetu (the causes), Hana (the goal), upayam (the tools).
  • Understanding the concept of function over form
  • How to teach Yoga to the individual
  • What is vinyasa krama?
  • What is viniyoga?
  • 3 stages of the course planning
  • Dissecting and understanding techniques to know what is the function of each pose and what prepares us for the next stage of course
  • Understanding the concepts of rest and counterpose
  • Learn how to:
    • Create asana course plans,
    • Create course plans for pranayama,
    • Create course plans for mantra and meditation
    • Apply theory into experiential practice (Application of yoga therapy to the individual)
Stage 1: Client Assessment Principles
  • Assessing Client, Client history and intake form
  • Knowledge of appropriate use of Darshana, Prashna and Sparshana
  • Understanding and appropriate application of Heyam, Hetu, Hanam & Upayam
  • Knowledge and appropriate use of structural and functional assessment
  • Knowledge and appropriate use of lifestyle assessment
  • How to treat the person and not the disease
  • How do we take the person into the state of Yoga? Do we strengthen or stretch, pacify or expand?
  • Setting priorities: symptoms/pacification (shamana [short term]) and purification/strengthening (shodhana [long term]).
Stage 2: Set the goal (including the possibility of asana, pranayama, dhyana, mantra)
  • Understanding the goal: realise what part of physiology we want to affect, using which model, and what tools to use e.g. guna, a mental state, a spiritual quest, pranavayu, Pancha Maya
Stage 3: Preparation for goal and finalise

BIYOME’s Specialty Intensive Teacher Training can be undertaken as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with Yoga Australia and/or the Meditation Association of Australia, as well as obtaining Continuing Education (CE) recognition with Yoga Alliance. The course contact hours, and non-contact hours (CPDs and CEs), allocated across Meditation Australia and the two registering yoga bodies do, however, differ. Please contact us for more information. Should you wish to complete a full meditation certification (110 hours – 1000 hours) or yoga certification (150 hours – 650 hours), please view this Specialty Intensive Training as an elective within our full course offerings.  Details are available here

About the teacher


Former Yoga Australia President

Viniyoga Yoga Therapist, Senior Yoga Teacher

Leanne undertook teacher training in 1988 with Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta academy in India and commenced her second teacher training in the tradition of Krishnamacharya in 1996.

Leanne is honoured to have the opportunity to serve, along with the wonderful team of Committee members and office staff, as the former President of Yoga Australia.  She has great enthusiasm for contributing to the profession of yoga teaching and helping to foster the practice and understanding of yoga in our community. Leanne brings a level of training to BIYOME that is second to none: her interest in preserving the authenticity of yoga from its cultural and textual roots whilst embracing the evolution of yoga into contemporary Australia provides teacher training that truly encompasses BIYOME’s values.

$1588 Your CPD17 Investment Face-to-Face/Livestream Full investment upfront $1,588 or choose a payment plan: 1x deposit payment $499 2x additional monthly payments $644 Certificate of completion / registration is not offered without complete payment


October 2, 2023 @ 8:30 AM AEST
October 2 @ 5:00 PM AEST
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