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Tamara Yoga 150 hour Further Education course

July 1, 2024 @ 8:00 AM January 12, 2025 @ 5:00 PM AEST


Tamara Yoga’s 150hr Further Education course is designed for those looking to upskill from 200hr yoga teacher qualification to a 350hr registration. 

TAMARA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING is about so much more than learning postures. It’s a comprehensive, in-depth study of real yoga. The training is suitable for any yoga teacher holding a minimum 200hr qualification.

Receiving applications now! 

If you’ve been thinking about Tamara Yoga Teacher Training, and wondering what it’ll be like, here’s some feedback: 

“The most amazing thing I’ve done for myself is my Yoga Teacher Training! If you’ve been thinking about it – Tamara Yoga is the place to go.” – Nicole 

“Teacher Training with Tamara has been truly such a joy to do and is transformative with such a breadth of knowledge shared by Tamara and her amazing cohort of teachers. I highly recommend it as a personal adventure even if you don’t necessarily wish to be a teacher!” – Kris 

“I enrolled in the 2-year teacher training course with Tamara Yoga and that’s when my whole life began to change. Being able to safely immerse myself in the practice of yoga had been the inspiration I’d been searching for my whole life. It felt like I had been taught the tools to finally come back home to me, back to my true authentic self.” – Dee 

“I’m so glad I chose Tamara to be my teacher. I found inner strength I never knew/dreamed was there. I found my tribe. And I found the joy of sharing the magic of yoga with others, and watching it transform them too.” – Pennie 

Sound like it’s for you?
Email info@tamarayoga.com to find out more!

This Intensive 10 day program is the ultimate in Yoga Teacher Training.
✔️ Yoga philosophy, gain understanding of the profound philosophy of Yoga and how it applies to your life.
✔️ Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, discover how to incorporate this ancient wisdom into your
life and how to interweave it into your classes.
✔️ Develop your own practice, taking it to another level. You’ll learn safe form and deepen your experience of yoga.
✔️ Asana. You’ll learn detailed specific asana alignment, contraindications and benefits.
✔️ Ethics. Truly be yoga.
✔️ Master clear communication techniques and develop your voice so people hang on
every word.
✔️ Non-violent communication. Discover how to communicate with loving kindness and truth to yourself and others.
✔️ Discover how to pace and sequence engaging classes that increase mindfulness.
✔️ Teaching skills. Discover how to create optimal states for learning and how to share the wisdom of yoga clearly and powerfully.
✔️ Discover how to pace and sequence engaging classes that increase mindfulness and skill in action.
✔️ Pranayama. Breath’s the bridge between the body and the mind. Learn more about this key to unlocking your potential.
✔️ Discover the esoteric practice of, and how to teach purifying, healing kriya.
✔️ Yogic Physiology. You’ll be guided through the subtle teachings of yoga.
✔️ Chakras. Discover how to balance the subtle energy centres that govern relationships, creativity, charisma, emotions, intuition and higher consciousness.
✔️ Mantra. You’ll delve into the mystic formulas that draw you deeply into meditation and assist with profound transformation.
✔️ Meditation. Develop your own meditation practice. You’ll learn how to access the gateway to inspiration, well-being and regeneration for yourself and your students.
✔️ Anatomy and Physiology: learn about anatomy of movement, the nervous system, the physiology of the respiratory system, the circulatory system and the lymphatic
✔️ Presentation Skills. How to captivate the attention of your students.
✔️ Mudras, Bandhas and Drishti. Gain knowledge of the energetic circuits and locks in your body.
✔️ Tantra. Weave yoga into your every day to enrich your whole life.
✔️ Yoga for pregnancy. You’ll understand the anatomical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, how to teach pregnant women so they feel strong and
✔️ Teaching yoga to children and teens. Learn about their specific needs and abilities and how to teach enchanting classes children and teens are enthralled by.
✔️ Teaching yoga to seniors. You’ll be educated in research that supports the benefits of yoga practice for the elderly, including specific asana, contraindications and teaching tips.
✔️ Restorative Yoga. Understand how to teach rejuvenating, restorative postures that calm and soothe. Learn how to position yoga props to provide softness to release tension and relax deeply.
✔️ Yin Yoga. Learn how to enhance natural range of motion, releasing into the connective tissue to enhance the flow of prana in the tissues around the joints.
✔️ How to meet individual needs for a safe, therapeutic and nurturing experience.
✔️ Ayurveda. The ancient, holistic Indian medicine of healing.
✔️ Practice teaching, observing and assisting so you’re ready to teach when you graduate.
✔️ Demonstration. Principles of asana demonstration, learn how, why and when to demonstrate postures to inspire and educate your students.
✔️ How to create a ‘yoga space,’ so both you and your students feel transported from the mundane to an extraordinary experience of yoga.
✔️ Develop confidence and the knowledge to teach beginners and experienced yogis.
✔️ Multi-skilled. Become accomplished at incorporating all of yoga into a seamless practice that students love.
✔️ Receive lifetime access to Tamara Yoga Teacher Training content.
✔️ And so much more!


Minimum completion of a 200hr or Provisional teacher training course. Be 16 years and over.

Corner Gugeri Street and Divers Link
Claremont, WA 6010 Australia
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