Insurance for yoga teaching

Frequently asked questions


Is Insurance House safe and reputable?

Insurance House are a strong regional broker since 1975 specialising in risk insurance for specialist health associations like the Yoga Australia. Their Insurer is Lloyds of London

Am I covered if I teach overseas?

Jurisdictional cover has been extended from ‘Australia only’ to worldwide, excluding North America.

What about pre-natal classes?

There is no restriction on pre-natal yoga teaching

What about Public Liability, what’s my excess if I make a claim?

Public Liability cover of $10 million is included. There is NO excess on any claim.

Are locums and student-teachers covered under my policy?

The Insurance House policy is unique in offering cover to qualified locums in your absence and cover for student-teachers even if you are not in the room, as long as they are under a structured program and are subject to review and assessment on a regular basis. (Exact wording can be seen in their application form.)

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