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Lesson 1: Short History of Hacking

Josh 13 September 2023

Long ago, hacking occurred via files known as viruses. They were created by adventurous and devious computer experts (usually in their bedrooms) to test the limits of their knowledge of computer systems.

Before the internet existed, viruses were transmitted via floppy disk. Users had to be careful about accepting disks from others, lest they be infected. Viruses often played pranks, making the victims’ screen distort and displaying strange messages. They gradually become more malevolent, harming computer systems and causing loss of data.

Nowadays, hacking and scamming has become commercially lucrative. Activities are conducted that exploit security flaws and the naivety of users for the purpose of obtaining personal or corporate information, which is then sold or exploited for financial gain. Financial theft and identity theft are common, as well as blackmail.