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Lesson 3: Exploring Spine Alignment

Josh 31 July 2023

What is ‘neutral’ spine alignment?

Tadasana in every asana’ is a generalisation rather than an absolute.  We need to consider that everybody’s spine will have its differences. No two spines will be exactly the same. Personal injury or trauma, habitual movement patterning, anatomical bias, congenital disorders etc may directly affect areas of the spinal column or have chronic repercussions around it.  

A perfectly aligned spine may simply not be possible. However, if the student is aware of the concept of a neutral spine, their practice may have the intention of moving / aligning towards Tadasana

“The spine is the tree of life. Respect it.”

– Martha Graham

No one is likely to ever have a perfectly balanced spine but the intention of an holistic approach will be far more beneficial in the long term. Not to say that students will access a profound energetic release or greater understanding of the subtle realm during their practice – but with patient awareness and the continued application of integral spinal principles, the potential is infinite.

Here’s a lecture and demonstration discussing Tadasana in every asana and final thoughts on spinal integrity in yoga practice.