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Lesson 4: How to incorporate Mudras into your classes

gabrielle 7 May 2024

Now that you have experienced a mudra sequence based on a theme and seen how I personally approach bringing mudra into a workshop or class. Here are some other ways you can bring mudras into your teaching and yoga sequence.

Start your class with a mudra

Anjali mudra (prayer mudra) is a common way to start a class combined with the OM mantra. Anjali mudra unites the left and right sides of the body and the left and right sides of the brain and nervous system. It represents Consciousness and energy. Everyone knows this mudra and feels comfortable trying it.

Mudras in pranayama

There are three common pranayama mudras used for Nadishodhana pranayama or breath observation (anapanasati).

These are:

Vishnu Mudra
Nasagra mudra
Chin mudra

Mudras in a seated hip opener like Gomukasana or Virasana

Matsya mudra
Gyan mudra

Mudras during a meditation practice 

Hakini mudra
Ushas mudra
Dhyana mudra

Combine mudra with mantra

An example of this might be using the mudras for the elements with a chakra balancing mantra. Earth mudra with the mantra LAM etc. 

Create a theme and research mudras specific to that theme and create your own sequence of 5 or 6 mudras that flow creatively together

Practice a specific traditional sequence with your students that you work on together over time slowly building the sequence.
Teach a workshop on mudras based on what you are experiencing in your own practice.

Reading Recommendations:

Gertrud Hirschi Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands 
Joseph Le Page : Mudras for Healing and Transformation

Nubia Teixeira and Andrea Boston: Yoga and the Art of Mudras
Sad Guru Dev Acharya Kesav: Mudras for Healing ; Mudra Vigyan : A Way of Life