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Welcome to this course that aims to equip you with the fundamental knowledge to help you safely and appropriately incorporate a postnatal student within your general class.

By the end of this course you should feel more confident when a new mother/parent walks into your general class as to how best to support them physically and emotionally — in the context of your general class.

Please note that the focus of this course, whilst being practical and informative, is still general. If you’d like to specialise in becoming a Postnatal Yoga Teacher and working exclusively with postpartum students, you will need to build on the knowledge presented in this course and undertake a specialized training like our Bliss Baby Yoga Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training.

And a note on language: whenever we mention the descriptors ‘mother’ and the pronouns ‘she/her’, please know that we also mean to indicate non-binary parents—anybody with a uterus who is in the postpartum phase after birth. For the ease of expression, whilst trying to use the gender-neutral words like ‘parent’, ‘person’, ‘student’, ‘they’ as much as is practicable, we will mostly use words that refer female-gendered parent – but this is not to limit our acknowledgement.

Let’s get started!