Our Team

Organisational Structure

Yoga Australia is governed by the Corporations Act 2001 and overseen by a Board of Directors who are tasked with ensuring financial compliance and risk management for the organisation.

The Staff of Yoga Australia are managed by the President/CEO, who consults with and reports to the Board (monthly) and reports to the Audit & Risk Committee (quarterly).

Josh Pryor


Josh is a Mysore Style Yoga practitioner, author,
studio-owner, and life-long student.

He also has an extensive background in IT consulting and business development, with specialist expertise in systems analysis and development. Josh is an experienced commercial negotiator and has provided business development services to numerous sectors, while actively participating in local business advocacy and support organisations. Since exiting that career (mostly), and pursuing yoga, Josh has travelled to India six times, participated in several teacher training courses, run teacher training courses, workshops and weekend retreats.

Merridy Woodroffe

Vice President

Merridy is a certified Yoga Therapist, Level 2 Yoga Teacher, and Lawyer with a passion for wellbeing.

Merridy is a certified Yoga Therapist, Level 2 Yoga Teacher, and Lawyer with a passion for wellbeing. She combines the principles of yoga with a successful legal practice by encouraging her corporate colleagues to live well through movement, breathing and meditation; and by supporting the legal needs of yoga studios and teachers. As a Board member, Merridy is committed to furthering Yoga Australia’s objectives in supporting the important work of our country’s yoga teachers, their wellbeing, and the health of their students.

Dee Garcha


Dee is a Chartered Accountant with over 18 years’ experience in private sector organisations in Australia and United Kingdom.

Dee is a Chartered Accountant with over 18 years’ experience in private sector organisations in Australia and United Kingdom. As a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors with a passion for good governance, transparency, strong culture and respect. Dee has extensive experience in treasury, financial management and organisational effectiveness and is looking forward to applying her financial expertise to Yoga Australia. Dee has been practicing mindful mediation for many years and has is a strong advocate of the benefits of Yoga mindful meditation in the management of stress and prevention of mental health issues.

Rebel Tucker

Ordinary Board Member

Rebel is a qualified naturopath of over 30 years and a yoga teacher of 11 years. She has been practicing yoga for over 40 years, since her mum introduced her at the age of 12.

She is a senior member with Yoga Australia and is a qualified yoga therapist. Passionate about research and ongoing education in the field of natural health and yoga, she particularly finds the philosophy and meditation practices of yoga to be the most supportive in her own life and for her students. Rebel believes that ongoing professional development is fundamental for yoga teachers and that belonging to a membership group that encourages learning and supports yoga teachers with the business side of things is incredibly helpful. She serves on the Yoga Therapy Committee and hopes to support Yoga Australia in continuing to grow the community of teachers and therapists and further develop the resources and support available to members.

Danielle Gordon

Ordinary Board Member

Danielle brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role. As well as a passion for yoga, Danielle has a background in law and governance.

These skills are extremely valuable for guiding Yoga Australia through the unchartered waters of COVID-19 and beyond, developing new ways to be sustainable, inclusive and supporting members in meaningful ways.
For Danielle, this appointment presents an opportunity to give back to a yoga community that has guided and supported her on her path. Her goal is to support the Yoga Australia board to serve members, grow the yoga community and promote the practice of yoga with integrity.

Estefi Maiztegui

Ordinary Board Member

Estefi is a lighthearted and passionate educator who loves bringing the most traditional concepts of yoga practice to life, in an engaging and educational way.

With a background in education, experience as a teacher in international schools, many years teaching yoga and having spent half of her life living in different continents and collaborating with people from different backgrounds and walks of life, Estefi’s sensitive approach empowers others to let their inner-wisdom manifest through yoga..

Anita Lucas

Company Secretary

Anita has 15 years previous work experience in Company Secretariat roles. She currently works in the Philanthropic sector as a Partnerships Specialist.

Anita has 15 years previous work experience in Company Secretariat roles. She currently works in the Philanthropic sector as a Partnerships Specialist. Anita has been a student of Ashtanga Yoga for many years and wishes to use her passion for volunteering to benefit the yoga society that supports her.

Gabrielle Boswell

Gabrielle has been teaching yoga since 2002 and her greatest passion is sharing the joy and benefits of yoga with others. She is C-IAYT yoga therapist and registered senior teacher with Yoga Australia. Gabrielle brings her experience as a yoga training provider and studio owner to her role as Training and Standards principal. She loves walking in nature and cuddling up with her two greyhounds, Harry and Gina.

Erin Tucci

Erin is the Yoga Australia Events & Communications Coordinator. Her passion for self-care and wellness is what inspired her to leave her job in tourism and venture out into the Wellbeing Industry. Erin is excited to work for a member-based organisation to establish deeper relationships and make a difference to the wider community. Her organisational skills help her to effectively plan events nation-wide, at the same time ensuring Yoga Australia’s vision is upheld.

Wendy Lim

Wendy is our Finance & Systems Officer, as well as being a passionate Yoga Teacher, and in a past life was a Chemical Engineer! She personally loves the mental benefits that yoga brings and considers herself a lifelong student of yoga. Wendy is a big foodie and loves cooking. She has three happy free ranging chickens and one baby boy who bring her lots of daily joy.

Samantha Hewinson

Samantha (Sami) is our Membership and Content Lead. Sami is a Senior Teacher and teacher trainer, and is the founder of Live to Serve Academy, a social enterprise dedicated to helping people live a vibrant, meaningful life. As our head of customer service, she enjoys interacting with our friendly members and liaising with the broader yoga community.

Teacher Training Committee

Leigh Wood (Chair)

Gabrielle Boswell

Estefi Maiztegui (Board rep)

Yoga Therapy Committee

Liz Bennet (Chair)

Rebel Tucker (Board rep)

Fiona Donohoe-Bales

Anne-Laure Peaucelle

Vijaya Kedla


The Yoga Australia Council of Advisors (YACA) is an honorary group of respected leaders in the field of Yoga and related professions. We are grateful for our Advisors’ independent, authoritative opinions on critical matters related to the operations of our Association and the teaching of Yoga in Australia. Appointment to the Council of Advisors is regarded by the association as an expression of honour and respect.

Di Lucas

Julianne Wantrup

Suzanne Fletcher

Paul Ellison

Janet Lowndes

Jean Byrne

Deb Roberts

Merryn Lee Perez

Leanne Davis

Robyn Lewis

Shyamala Benakovic

Australian Capital Territory


New South Wales

Merryn Lee Perez (Wollongong)

Flo Fenton (Byron Bay)

Northern Territory



Camille Jeboult

Agnieszka Maminska – Gray

Guy Hancock

South Australia

Vani Shukla



Sophie Keegan



Julie Marshall

Kirsteen Warrington


Western Australia

Valerie Faneco

Would you like to be a Community Representative for Yoga Australia?

Our volunteers offer support, education and networking opportunities to the industry’s future leaders and influencers/instructors.

Located in various states around Australia, our representatives plan & host events for yoga teachers and students to connect online & in person.

As a Community Representative, you will:

  • Help promote the YA brand, online & in person. Display your teaching logo across online platforms as well as pre-designed templates provided by YA.
  • Support the organization with hosting events in your own state & also national online events such as monthly Member Circles.
  • Contribute content in the form of blog pieces, articles, research, social posts, FAQ’s, member features etc.

Benefits to you

Sense of purpose

Become part of something bigger than yourself where you can share your knowledge or provide support. Contribute to the industry as a whole by helping other yoga teachers on their journey.

Personal development

An opportunity to focus on some new skills such as verbal or written communication, public speaking, event planning, teamwork, rapport building or critical thinking skills.

Sense of community

There’s no better way to achieve a sense of community than to immerse yourself within it! Get to know local teachers, trainers and studio owners, as well as the other volunteers that you will be working with.

Free attendance

 Gain free admission to In-Person events around the nation that are hosted by Yoga Australia.