Registering a 150hr further education teacher training course

The following are the Yoga Australia Guidelines for ‘Further Education for Yoga Teachers’ to further develop their knowledge and skills. Further education that meets these guidelines will provide all the required training for a yoga teacher to progress from a 200hr qualification (such as Yoga Australia Provisional Membership) to Yoga Australia Level 1 registered teacher (350hr) status, or from a Yoga Australia Level 1 (350hr) to a Yoga Australia Level 2 – Intermediate (500hr) registered teacher status. 

The principal trainer for the course, must be a Level 3 Senior Yoga Australia member, unless otherwise approved by Yoga Australia (via application for special consideration.

Successful course registration requires substantial supporting documentation, including:

  • An overview of the course structure outlining the content, delivery method, and total course hours.
  • Demonstration of how the content matches the Yoga Australia Teacher Training Course Registration Curriculum areas based on competencies.
  • Details of how teacher trainees will be trained in each curriculum area.
  • Details of how teacher trainees will be assessed in each curriculum area.
  • Details of the qualifications and experience of all teaching staff and any supervision arrangements.
  • Policy documents including –
    •          Student and Staff Code of Conduct Policy
    •          Complaints Policy
    •          Deferment of Course Policy
    •          Expulsion Policy
    •          Refund Policy
    •          Course Cancellation Policy
  • Any other information which may be required to satisfy Yoga Australia that your training course meets requirements and is of a high standard.

To complete registration, payment of the application and annual registration fee is required.

» Application fee of $165 (including GST) plus:

» Annual fee of $220 (including GST), or

» Annual discounted fee of $130 including GST (not-for-profit or small schools only)


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