Membership Renewal

Renew Your Membership

We are thrilled that many members have activated their new dashboard already!

Are you a returning member?

We can’t wait to welcome you back! If your membership lapsed before May 2023, please create a new account on our new website. Leave a note that you are a returning member and we will acknowledge your previous level and qualifications. No need to re-upload your documents.

Sign up using the buttons below:

Otherwise, if your membership has recently lapsed follow the guide below:

Up in the top right hand corner of this site, you will see the Member Login button. From here, please enter your usual email address and password (or click the forgot my password link). It will ask you for a more secure password (minimum 12 characters long) and then send you through to your dashboard:

If your membership is due this month it will say so and give you a link to renew. From there, please click “proceed to checkout” and check all of your address details are correct, then pop in your card details. Job done!

If you get stuck or have any questions, please reply by email or call us during the usual business hours on 1300 881 451.

You might like to update your profile while you’re there. You can your photos too. The editor is easy to use and you can add styles and heading