Ayurveda for a calm mind and emotional balance 

This workshop, presented by Niveen Rajabdeen centres around Ayurveda for a Calm Mind & Emotional balance.  

The Charaka Samhita says hridaye chetana sthanam, which means “the seat of consciousness is in the heart.” The main cause of emotional imbalance is the lack of ability to process emotions effectively, and this is a function of what is known as sadhaka pitta. The metabolic mechanism guiding this is sadhaka agni.  

When this agni is functioning effectively we can process and move through emotional and mental disturbances quickly. When it is not functioning effectively we find it difficult to process and digest things, leading to greater disturbances and an inability to process; to let go. 

Regardless of if a person is born with lower sadhaka agni or whether otherwise impacted, the solution will always be to restore balance by connecting the body, heart and mind. 

At this session we will cover the concept of sadhaka agni and then look at some supportive foods, herbs, lifestyle practices, asana, pranayama and meditation to help heal and restore balance. 

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