Diversity and Inclusivity in Teaching Yoga

Diversity and inclusivity is a current topic of discussion in many sectors of life and a move to more social cohesion and harmony. By cultivating our hearts and ability to be present we can be aware and move beyond our own biases and embrace more people in our classes.  

The philosophies and practices of yoga teach us and lead us to experience a sense of oneness. As a teacher our practice can include the path of Bhakti yoga where we remain vigilant to our inner experience and the difference between relating to others from the mind or the heart. The minds makes judgment, categorises, labels etc.. and from our personal conditioning. The heart experiences all as one and equal with deep compassion, presence and unconditional love. 

In this session Kylie Hennessy will lead you through some simple Bhakti practices to help you cultivate attributes leading you to be a more inclusive teacher and tips around language and sequencing. 

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