Evolve Your Teaching: Creating Memorable Meaningful Classes

Are you looking for ways to teach yoga classes that inspires students’ evolution and growth?

Join Senior Yoga teachers Lisa Matthews and Lisa Allwell for a conversation on how to deepen your offering and increase your capacity to serve and inspire your community.

You’ll explore how to teach creativity and how to authentically layer in inspiring content and depth into your classes. You’ll be introduced to the Dasha Mahavidhas, the 10 Wisdom Goddess from the tantric tradition.

The Mahavidya teachings have been passed directly from student to teacher through a golden thread of wisdom. We’ll explore how they relate to stepping into our authenticity as a teacher and offer a taste of their potency through mantra, breath work, movement and meditation.

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Open heart and an open mind. Notebook and pen. If you have a set of mala beads, this would be great.

About the Presenters

Lisa Matthews and Lisa Allwell are experienced senior teachers and friends who love to collaborate and to share what they have learned along the path of yoga. With thousands of hours of study and teaching behind them, they know what works and students are drawn to their creative and inspiring classes. They continue to learn and evolve their understanding and application of the sacred teachings of yoga on the mat and in their personal lives. They are skilled mentors and facilitators who run sold out trainings and retreats both locally and internationally.

Connect with them online here:

Lisa Matthews: @lisamatthews, @illuminenation, @lisamatthewsyoga. www.illuminenation.org
Lisa Allwell: @seedyogawellness www.seedyogawellness.com.au