Guided Meditation with Emanuelle Jones

A free Guided Meditation offered during Australian Week of Yoga, 2023.

Emanuelle Jones is a Senior Yoga Teacher and has studied and practiced many pathways of yoga in a variety of settings: Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa , Yin and Kundalini Yoga . She continues to study and has a love of learning and sharing with her students.

She is a high school teacher, where for 25 years she has taught academically and in the the wellbeing space. Her wellbeing work enabled teenagers predominately to develop innate skills to prevent anxiety,  depression and other forms of dis-ease that afflict us in todays society. Em is a qualified MBSR and MBCT trainer, she has worked one-to-one with adults and teens and in small to large group settings to deliver Mindfulness Meditation Practices. 

She now offers training to Yoga Teachers and Students in Mindfulness Meditation to empower others and bring calm to our frantic lives. Read more or connect with Emanuelle here.