Slow Paced Yoga

Join Sue Everett for an online Slow-Paced Yoga sequence for students who would prefer and/or benefit from a more slowly paced, less vigorous class, without inverted poses. Most of the poses will be taught using a chair to offer maximum support, as well as fresh perspectives on how to perform common poses with this yoga prop.

Most of this class will be taught using a chair, and along with your yoga mat, it will be useful to have additional yoga props, such as a bolster and a yoga strap.

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About the Presenter:

Teaching is something I have always loved doing.

As a former dancer, I have a unique skill set that is deeply informed by a lifetime of movement-based techniques. This ongoing study of form, function, stability & movement assists in delivering a clear pathway of how to resolve any issues you may have. Currently based in Melbourne, I travel to teach within Australia & overseas.

I am a senior level yoga teacher, trainer & mentor with over 32 years experience; read more here…

I offer teacher training and mentoring for teachers wishing to deepen their skill-sets: click to read more…

My vision at Still_Move Yoga™ is to assist students to go beyond what they thought possible.

I am deeply inspired by working with people at all stages of their yoga experience & helping each individual reach their yoga goals.

By sharing my depth of experience methodically and clearly, through live online sessions, pre-recorded yoga classes or ‘in studio’ workshops, each student feels their practice is elevated to a whole new perspective.

I feel it is important to be receptive to the student and imbue the class with a sense of communal support and acceptance for what our bodies and minds can manage at each stage of the journey.