The Role of Yoga for Chronic Pain

Chronic Lower back pain and other unresolved neuromuscular skeletal issues affect 600 million people worldwide!

Conventional Physical Therapy and medical treatments include addictive drugs, surgeries and years of costly pain management which do not necessarily address the underlying causes of chronic pain.

Sylviane will explore Chronic NMS pain and how yoga can Help prevent it and help in the treatment of such a challenging, often misunderstood and under-serviced health issue:

• Understanding Chronic Pain

• The Important Role of Yoga teachers and Yoga Therapists

• What to look for in a class situation and how Teachers can help

• How Yoga Therapists can help

• The importance of referrals

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About the Presenter:

Sylviane James has dedicated 30 years to Teaching Iyengar-style Yoga and trained many to become Teachers. She is also a highly respected Therapist specialised in chronic neuromuscular-skeletal pain and sensorimotor rehabilitation. She had Chronic pain clinics both in Australia and Bali and worked with High performance athletes, Michael Jackson’s dancers, UN delegations, health professionals, surgeons, Yoga Teachers and students and people all over the world. Sylviane is also a certified clinical hypnotherapy and Life coach.

She is the founder of the Sylviane James Institute for Transformative Psycho-somatic Therapies, where she educate and help people facing such a challenging health issue and where she is inviting health care professionals and Yoga Teachers and Therapists to participate in educational masterclasses.

Find her online here:

Sylviane James Institute

London Journal of YOGA and Physical Therapy


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