Royal Commission CS21 Public Statement Update October 2019

25 Feb 2020


Yoga Australia acknowledges the strength of survivors whose testimonies to the Royal Commission described historic and systematic abuse in ashrams throughout both Australia and India over a sustained period. Yoga Australia thanks its members and extended community for the concerns that have been raised and recognises that the findings of the Royal Commission, Case Study 21 have caused distress for many. 

As part of our response to Royal Commission Case Study 21 and our ongoing commitment to truthfulness and transparency in the broader Yoga community, Yoga Australia has commenced a review process overseen by In Good Faith Foundation. Our hope is that this process will begin to acknowledge harms done, respond to the cultural abuse that has occurred, provide transparency into current and historical events and implement necessary changes. 

The purpose of this review is to identify areas where more clarity may be required to enable the effective implementation of the Findings – RC21 recommendations. The review process will include the following steps: 

1. Commencing October 2019 – A review of YA’s Membership Application and Renewal forms. Consideration will be given to the clarity of YA’s requirements of its members stated in the forms, including specifically members’ overall transparency regarding RC21 recommendations and the history of any other Yoga group. 

2. Commencing October 2019 to March 2020 – Implementation of the new registration forms and 

membership agreement will be effective at the next membership renewals 1 July 2020 

3. Commencing July 2020 to March 2021 – A review of YA’s Policies and Procedures; specifically, the Code of 

Professional Conduct and the Student Teacher Relationship Guidelines and Ethics 

4. June 2021 – Subject to the Board’s approval of any recommended policy amendments YA members will be 

advised of changes. 

All recommended policy and procedures amendments will be subject to Board approval and implementation processes. 

Should you wish to learn more about In Good Faith Foundation the website is accessible at

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