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Here’s a bit more about Yoga Australia

We are the biggest bunch of yoga nerds you’ll ever see…

But aside from that, we are the peak body for Yoga in Australia. We are a Not For Profit founded in 1999 to establish proper standards of education for yoga teachers, to ensure yoga teachers are well supported in the profession, and to help strengthen public understanding and involvement in yoga.

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We’re not just for yoga teachers

We serve yoga students as well as teachers, and our favourite thing is unpacking what yoga really is. Trends come and go, and it is important to get context so that you can make excellent decisions about what to do next. 

You can read more about the common styles of yoga on our site here, but the main thing to know is that yoga is a spiritual science that helps us understand our true nature as universally interconnected beings, sharing infinite consciousness, capable of doing just about anything in life.

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We protect and strengthen Yoga for all

The techniques of yoga have existed in India for thousands of years. They help us with mental concentration, energy cultivation, and of course refining the physical body with strength, flexibility, and balance. 

Thankfully, these days you don’t have to go to overseas to receive high quality yoga education. In Australia we have excellent senior teachers, many of whom learned at the feet of gurus who passed away long ago.

We want to share some of their wisdom with you. 

Our work has never been more important

Given the rise of online “yoga teacher courses” as cheap as $100, our role has become crucial to maintaining quality for the Australian public.

Our work ensures that registered Australian yoga teachers meet global standards of excellence. Courses with our badge listed on our website undergo stringent controls and approvals. Teachers delivering training are qualified with at least 10 years of experience and a demonstrated commitment to personal growth and continuing education.

When you join Yoga Australia as an Enthusiast or a Teacher it helps us provide a supportive ecosystem containing technical yogic matters, mentoring, and assistance with Australia-specific issues such as insurance, safety, and compliance.