Sustainability in the Yoga Studio 

Making Earth conscious choices tends to occur intuitively for students of yoga. It’s only natural that the care and compassion cultivated as a result of embracing the yoga system begins to extend to our environment, future generations, and Mother Earth. 

Apart from the obvious tangible ways we can support environmentally friendly ways of setting up our studios and classes, the number one way that we (as yoga teachers) support sustainability is by giving people the opportunity to embrace yoga. By encouraging members of our communities to slow down, reflect and consider, and adopt the higher practices of yoga and its values, the more we are contributing to the spreading of this cultivation of care and consideration. The more we are helping our communities to feel content, and less inclined to over consume in their daily lives. So keep that your main goal. But to complement that, here are some simple ideas of switches you can make to your studio setup to further support sustainability: 

Coming into Winter, heating & insulation in Yoga Studios also needs to be taken into consideration. Before you install a heater (whether it’s on the ceiling, wall or portable), inspect the building first to determine what the insulation capabilities are. You should check your windows as well because if they are not insulated, they let the heat out! 

Don’t forget to add plenty of plants to your studio to support healthy oxygenation, while bringing Nature into the classroom 🙂 

While you want to make the change to being more sustainable in the future, how can you conscientiously dispose of plastics? Some places offer a recycling program for old/used yoga and fitness equipment. Worth looking into! 

Helpful Resources:

I know we’re preaching to the choir here — you’re probably already implementing a variety of great ways to support sustainability in your studio — we’d love to hear how! 

Share with us the creative ways you support sustainability in your studio and offerings, and lets create an ideas bank to help support sustainability in yoga. 

By Samantha Doyle and Sarah Nuttridge