I love applying yoga to the wider picture of Yoga in Australia. I play at this in several ways:

YogaPass: an affiliation nationwide of over 500 yoga teachers and studios introducing yoga in a way that is easily accessible by those that haven’t yet found their way to the yoga mat.  At YogaPass we are creating a way for the general population to consider yoga a readily accessible tool to find true health and

Healthy Results is the rebranding of YogaSolutions which has for 12 years was about using yogic techniques to make inroads into the humanising of the workplace in Australia . Now we have cunningly disguised the richness of yoga lessons behind a powerpoint lunchtime presentation .  This allows us to reach into where yoga can make itself of real use . Check this out :

Off the Mat, Into the World .  I am passionate about two things : Seva…undertanding our oneness as a basis for being of service and the concept that we ‘practice’ yoga on our mat in order to ‘do’ yoga through service in the wider world. These are the guiding principles of Off  the Mat, Into the World.  We are now rolling this conversation out across Australia

LovEarth – I am importing Yoga mats that are as pure as they come…natural colour, rubber and jute. This is part of a plan to minimise the ecological footprint that our yoga community has created by using mats made from PVC<TPE and a host of other nasty substances. We collect all used mats and distribute them to over 20 service projects.

I teach yoga everyday privately.

I am helping out on marketing Yoga Australia in order to increase membership so we can all come together  under the one umbrella and make it alright. I was fortunate to be a NSW state representative a few years ago.

Yoga for all.


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