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I have been teaching yoga since 2002 and am blessed to be able to share that which I am truly passionate about with others through regular yoga classes, workshops and retreats.  Yoga is a practice of awareness: body, breath and mind – the vehicles through which one finds harmony and connects with spirit. My classes explore a balance between stability and ease of movement. When the body feels supported, it opens naturally.

The yoga I teach is of a creative nature, using smooth transitions between postures , themes and imagery. It is gentle and nurturing, with options and modifications so everyone can participate. Bhava yoga is inclusive, not exclusive; you are encouraged to move your body in a way that is ALWAYS pain free and in a comfortable range of movement.

I completed a Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy in 2012 and am a certified iRest teacher. I incorporate my knowledge of anatomy, health and wellbeing into all my teachings.


  • iRest certified teacher
  • IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist
  • Yoga Australia Registered Mentor


  • Irene “My last three months of yoga therapy with Gabrielle has been life changing. I am calmer in every day life and have started making plans for the future rather than feeling stuck in my current situation. Gabrielle has helped me put my trauma in my past so I can have a future, I will be eternally grateful for the peace of mind that Gabrielle has given me”
  • Sue W, age 54, Head of Research and Development – “For many Saturdays over the last 7 years your yoga classes have seen me through some really tough times: the illness and death of my beloved parents, the difficulties of teenage children, some hard financial times and personal health issues. Thank you for providing such a special sanctuary.”
  • Kristen “Thanks so much Gabrielle, for the beautiful retreats you create. You seem so at ease in what could be a stressful position and I wonder how you do it. Maybe that’s part of your practice. Whatever, it works really well with you at the helm. You create a beautiful space for us to come to and be in and share in. You are an exceptionally beautiful person to be around. That’s why it works so well.”
  • Vanda“I feel wonderful since the yoga retreat; I’ve been practicing my meditation daily and loving it. The retreat has been a truly positive experience for me. It’s the best gift I’ve given myself ,a whole week to just be. I’ve been busy trying to reproduce some of those fabulous dinners – may have to go back to Sanctuary. Anyway, I definitely feel so much lighter and stronger within. Thanks again for the opportunity.”

“Like sugar stirred into tea, the potency of yoga spreads from body into mind and heart, revealing an ocean of energy that heals and opens, holds me close and sets me free all in the same moment ”

Danna Faulds

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