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Lyndal became qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 1999 and has been leading Yoga Classes in northside Brisbane since 2000. She originally learned a style called Yoga Chi Gung. This technique was developed by Grant Woolven and is a combination of Yoga and Chi Gung. Lyndal runs her yoga classes in the northern Brisbane suburbs and has taught in a number of gyms over the years.

Lyndal continues on her yoga journey and attends regular yoga weekends and seminars to ensure that she is continually adding to her knowledge base. Due to her interest in holistic health, in addition to yoga, she has also studied ayurveda. This is an ancient form of Indian healing.  She has also studied Bowen Therapy, another holistic therapy, to deepen her understanding of the body and mind as being unified and inseparable.

As well as traditional and non-traditional yoga postures she has been influenced by the teachings and writings of:

  • Moeshe Feldenkrais;
  • Thomas Hanna (Somatics); 
  • Frederick Matthias Alexander (the Alexander Technique); and
  • Thomas Myers.

She has also done workshops with Donna Farhi. Donna is a world-renowned Yoga Teacher and author who emphasises the safety of various postures for each individual. She has a Second Level Remedial Yoga Certificate with Yoga for Health Australia. This has given her further knowledge on working one-on-one with people and working with their own needs and requirements. Lyndal also has a qualification in Seniors Chair Yoga through IYTA.

She has a particular interest in gentle yoga for people who need such a thing.

Lyndal is a member of Yoga Australia, the national association for yoga teaching members from all traditions and styles.   She is a Level 3 Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia, the highest level of teacher. She has over 5000 hours of teaching and over 1000 hours of training (minimum amount of training to be a fully qualified teacher with Yoga Australia is 350 hours).

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